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The necessity of security risk assessments during mergers and acquisitions

Security assessments and penetration testing are well-established tools for staving off risk. But even when an IT security team believes they have SecOps handled, a merger or acquisition (M&A) introduces unknown variables. M&As are often a monkey wrench thrown into IT security, introducing a foreign environment into the existing network—often on an aggressive timeline. Integrating […]

Improving enterprise security with zero trust principles

Zero trust is a strategic framework every company can strive to implement that will strengthen enterprise security systems. The basics of zero trust are foundational and vital to the continued defense of your digital estate. A crucial part of a successful cybersecurity strategy is determining where to place your organization’s focus. A good starting place […]

Seven approaches to cloud integration during mergers and acquisitions

Cloud integration during M&As is the ideal time to streamline your IT environment. Why cloud integration should be a priority during restructuring Business restructurings like mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are the perfect moment to take on cloud integration projects. Forbes reported that organizations allocate more than 30% of their cloud spending budget to underused or […]

Simplify mergers and acquisitions by upgrading to cloud networking

Of the many elements involved during mergers, acquisitions (M&As), and divestitures, technology is often a deal breaker. Fortunately, cloud networking provides a reliable solution to many of the challenges of M&As. A majority of M&As fail Research from McKinsey shows that 10% of mergers are called off annually. Additionally, many studies demonstrate that between 70% […]

Elevate user experience with a cloud contact center

Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape forces organizations to constantly seek new ways to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Cloud contact centers are transformational solutions that streamline communications and collaboration, empowering agents to deliver exceptional support. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) helps organizations elevate communications without substantial investments in new infrastructure using serviced-based cloud […]

Cybersecurity in 2023: The MOVEit data breach and regulatory responses

This episode of Inside the CISO’s Office explores some of the most significant developments in cybersecurity in 2023 to date, including the MGM Resorts breach, the MOVEit data breach, and the resulting updates to compliance rules from regulators. The 2023 cyber threat outlook The threat landscape continues to see an increase in ransomware activity week […]

Seven security drawbacks of legacy applications

Organizations that rely on legacy applications increasingly expose themselves to security threats. Legacy applications do not provide the security protections of cloud-first apps. In some sectors, risky legacy infrastructure holds back organizations from cloud migration. A joint report from Capita and Citrix found that over 50% of CIOs believe legacy apps hold back digital transformation […]

Modernize cloud applications to maximize success of mergers and acquisitions

However, the bright side of restructuring events is that they present an ideal moment to review and modernize an organization’s portfolio of applications. Many organizations seek mergers or acquisitions to update a legacy technology stack and stay competitive. The effort of updating apps and streamlining workflow is well worth the rewards—faster workflows and a game […]

Secure your organization’s data by implementing zero trust architecture

Deploying a zero trust security philosophy is crucial to minimizing the risk of a data breach. Government security teams worldwide recognize the increase in advanced persistent threats and are moving to zero trust principles—a trend that is already forcing the private sector to follow suit.  In this post, we will review the key elements of […]

Unlock the full benefits of UCaaS solutions with optimized security

With the growth of the digital workplace, the need for streamlined collaboration and communication tools with integrated security has grown exponentially. Protect yourself against risk with the proper deployment and management of UCaaS tools. The current state of security in the digital workplace Hybrid and remote work are now permanent fixtures. Organizations that have returned […]