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Educators embracing powerful remote learning technology through OnX, Vendor of Record for Ontario

Educators at every level of academia are recognizing the impact of remote learning technology and the value of secure online collaboration technologies that connect teachers with students.

Today’s schools and universities require cutting-edge innovation to ensure faculty and administrators are meeting the ever-evolving collaboration needs of their young charges. With the rise of multi-campus school districts and universities—not to mention the spread of online learning programs—education is no longer limited to the physical classroom.

OnX Canada delivers a host of technology solutions to meet the most pressing remote learning challenges, including safeguarding student data, unifying voice and network communications, and custom applications. Through the implementation of Cisco Webex, OnX enables educators and students to collaborate in real time in a clear and seamless manner.  

Businesses and government agencies worldwide are already relying on Webex Meetings solutions. At a time when keeping classrooms connected is especially vital, Webex for schools—with OnX as a Master Service Provider—supports teachers, faculty, students, and parents in the complex transition to hybrid or virtual learning.

This blog will outline the value of remote learning technology such as Webex as a tool for secure remote education across the educational landscape.

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Benefits of remote learning technology for teachers, students, and parents alike

Wise administrators know that remote learning technologyis likely a permanent facet of the education experience. As students are more digitally engaged than ever, teachers must reach more learners through remote access and distance learning.

OnX is committed to successfully implementing your Webex solution and fostering an online collaboration that provides multiple levels of security for virtual study groups, project meetups, and more. Administrators, teachers, students, and parents can all benefit from Webex as their best-in-class virtual teaching/learning tool.

Benefits of Webex remote learning technology administrators:

  • End-to-end encryption to meet rigid security requirements.
  • Centralized management, simple deployment, and easy integration.
  • Integration with Canvas by Instructure, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Brightspace by D2L, Sakai, and more.
  • Easy-to-employ end-user tools for rapid adoption.
  • Virtual connections for large assemblies.

Benefits of Webex remote learning technology for teachers:

  • Engage in a secure video classroom atmosphere.
  • Share documents, whiteboards, and chat during lessons to accommodate multiple learning styles.
  • Full control of learners’ audio and sharing privileges.
  • Ability to see if students are using different applications or not paying attention.
  • Easy sharing of resources.
  • Seamless communication with students and peers outside of class.

Benefits of Webex remote learning technology for students and parents:

  • Access to on-demand learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple messaging among parents, teachers, and faculty.
  • Ability to utilize multiple learning styles as well various video, file sharing, and whiteboard resources.
  • Recorded classes can be accessed anytime if students cannot attend live.
  • Access to administrative and academic services on any device.

By upgrading remote learning technology infrastructure with OnX and Webex, educators can:

  • Assessment: Reduce costs and improve teacher collaboration.
  • Access resources anywhere with the OnX cloud-based network.
  • Free up IT resources for critical bottom-line initiatives.

Webex for education’s pillars of success

With OnX as a partner, schools of all academic stripes can easily integrate Webex remote learning technology into their daily educational activities. Adopting Webex into your curriculum is simple with Cisco’s 5 Pillars of Success:

Leadership: Support from institutional coaches is key to adoption. Engage with the right people—not to mention highly trained OnX engineers—to get your school started with Webex.

Technical readiness: As first impressions are everything when it comes to new remote learning technology,ensure you have all the resources and data required to make everything work the first time.

Use cases: Define the best ways Webex will work for your organization. Sharing the best “dream future” story is the easiest way to get your colleagues on board.

Promoting value: Spread the word about how Webex will work for everyone in your school.

Champions: Empower early users to deliver support and best practices to other administrators, faculty, teachers, and students.

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A robust security platform for remote learning

Webex is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivered through the Webex Cloud, a highly secure service-delivery platform with industry-leading performance, integration, flexibility, scalability, and availability.

Webex meeting sessions use switching equipment located in data centers worldwide, with Cisco data centers used for the majority of Webex Cloud services. SOC2 and ISO-compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure data centers are also utilized to deliver additional services in private cloud instances. Additionally, Cisco operates network Point-of-Presence (PoP) locations to facilitate backbone connections, Internet peering, global site backup, and caching technologies.

Hire on an expert partner to enable your remote learning technology

OnX, a Cisco Webex Master Service Provider, can help educational leaders integrate new collaboration functionality into their academic environment while continually addressing any security concerns.

Contact the experts at OnX to learn more about the remote learning technology that Webex can enable in your educational institution.