Delivering Information Technology Solutions Throughout North America and the U.K.

We leverage technology to inspire innovation, promote growth, drive efficiency and accelerate our clients’ success. Our focus is on understanding our clients’ unique business challenges and desired outcomes. At OnX, we think about the entire lifecycle of the technologies employed by our clients and work with them using a holistic approach to help them achieve their goals. We do this by assessing, designing, building and managing solutions customized for each client’s needs to deliver exceptional results.

OnX is highly certified and has in-depth knowledge of best-in-class OEMs and ISVs, giving us the flexibility to specify the best technology to drive business initiatives. We provide application-focused solutions, project management and implementation services led by senior-level delivery consultants. We have the technical expertise and professional and managed services know-how to accelerate each client’s success, whether it’s time to market, cost and efficiency initiatives, or implementation of specific projects.

Clients turn to OnX for our comprehensive services, which span the full spectrum of their technology infrastructure. Our team helps clients determine current challenges and opportunities and sets a path to implement the right solutions needed to achieve identified business outcomes. Our greatest thrill is when collaboration with our team leads to measured success within a client’s business. Whether we’ve increased ROI, secured their environment, or improved their time to market, our staff finds great satisfaction in knowing that the OnX team has, and will continue to be, a trusted partner in our clients’ technology advancements.

OnX is regularly cited in analyst and independent journals and is recognized perennially as an exceptional business partner by technology companies including HPE, Oracle, Cisco, IBM and VMware. In addition, our partner relationships span a broader IT landscape, allowing us to position the best solution given all variables for our clients’ projects and environments.

With global headquarters in Toronto, ON and U.S. headquarters in New York, NY, OnX has a geographical footprint in more than 20 locations throughout North America and the U.K., with four wholly owned data centers and, through strategic partnerships, more than 40 colocation centers around the world. Our team of more than 500 highly-skilled professionals, working alongside the industry’s best technology partners, is trained to use technology to optimize client investment in human and capital resources.