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How to prepare your enterprise with AWS cloud solutions

The new digital economy demands that enterprises be flexible in order to succeed, meaning they need a nimble cloud environment that surpasses both the cost and performance of outdated legacy infrastructure.

With time-to-market being such a crucial facet of the modern business landscape, organizations require an agile partner to guide them through their transition to a secure and right-sized cloud infrastructure. Enter OnX Canada, a leading technology solution provider that serves businesses, healthcare organizations, and government agencies across Canada. A managed public cloud solution from OnX can boost a company’s technological competency on its way to a smooth online transformation.

OnX public cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is based on a tiered model that matches your unique workloads to cloud functionalities. AWS cloud solutions manage your most demanding workloads, including serverless computing, which allows functions to be executed off-premises in the cloud.

This article will illuminate how OnX and AWS cloud solutions help enterprise organizations create contemporary data environments able to support any business model.

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Flexible cloud solutions from AWS for organizations of all sizes

Choosing an effective managed cloud partner is vital in a market comprising multiple providers, particularly as some may offer different tools for infrastructure, architecture, and services. As a certified Advanced Partner in the AWS Well-Architected Framework program (WAF), OnX is ready to help you tackle this daunting task.

AWS cloud solutions assist organizations of all sizes—from start-ups to major corporations with multiple locations—in maintaining critical cloud infrastructure and platform services. AWS formed its WAF certification to sustain reliable cloud environments with minimum resource consumption. This helps companies increase performance and maximize workloads, even under changing market conditions.

Reliable protection against digital intrusions is another key facet of today’s business world, considering that security breaches can expose enterprises to liability even if the targeted data remains safe. A shared security model from OnX provides organizations with cutting-edge safety measures integrated directly into cloud infrastructure, delivering privacy protection across AWS data centers in 22 regions and 66 availability zones worldwide.

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OnX is the certified partner to manage your AWS cloud solution

OnX subject matter experts are prepared to take on challenging workloads, giving you the latest security protection without the need for additional integration into legacy environments. What’s more, advanced data protection can be tailored to customized AWS environments, enabling easy onboarding of new developments in data protection and recovery.

Building complex cloud architectures allows OnX to steer those transitions from the earliest design phase all the way through deployment, data migration, and production. As a full-service managed services provider for enterprise organizations nationwide, OnX also has knowledge in cloud customization and management.

No longer do organizations need to invest resources in developing a team of experts. Certified technicians from OnX have experience building a range of AWS environments, allowing client organizations to offload compliance, security, and other tasks.

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Let OnX guide your organization’s network transition

Digital transformation is a challenging process that requires guidance in initial design as well as implementation and live production. Environments must be crafted for optimal performance while also meeting strict cost, security, and risk requirements. Although there is no exact template to follow, enterprises lacking proper supervision may waste resources on creating a network less capable than even their old, outmoded infrastructure.

OnX is on your side in this long journey to digital enlightenment. In utilizing AWS cloud solutions and the shared security model managed by OnX, client companies can benefit from a multi-layered security regime that offers:

  • State-of-the-art safety measures integrated directly into the cloud at the infrastructure level.
  • A dozen compliance programs giving organizations a solid foundation on which to layer personalized solutions.
  • Cost savings in the form of security tools provided by OnX.

A managed security program tailored to customized AWS environments, enabling the latest developments in data protection and recovery.

Contact OnX Canada for more information on AWS cloud solutions.