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The Road to Successful Cloud Solutions on AWS is paved by OnX Canada

Speed is of the essence for a new breed of digital consumers proficient at optimizing their devices, applications, and other resources. With time-to-market crucial in today’s online world, enterprises need a nimble partner guiding them through their transition to the cloud.

A managed public cloud solution from OnX Canada can be essential in addressing an organization’s digital transformation, thanks to a suite of tools that boost a company’s technological prowess.

OnX public cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is based on a tiered model that matches your unique workloads to functionality and capabilities in the cloud. AWS serves organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to top-tier corporations, cementing its reputation as a leader in both cloud infrastructure and platform services.

Alongside standard cloud offerings, AWS delivers ongoing innovation for your enterprise’s most advanced digital initiatives. New technologies entering the AWS environment effectively manage the most demanding workloads, including serverless computing where functions are executed off-premises in the cloud.

OnX helps enterprise organizations navigate through their digital modernization, creating a unique data environment to support any business model. Not only must this environment be crafted for optimal performance, it must also meet stringent cost, security, and risk requirements. As a certified Advanced Partner in the AWS Well-Architected Framework program, OnX is ready to tackle this daunting task.

AWS formed its WAF initiative to help cloud architects build a reliable environment that allows workloads to consume the minimum amount of resources, resulting in consistently high performance as market conditions and other factors change over time.

Protection against malicious attack is paramount for any organization as well, considering a security breach can expose an enterprise to substantial civil and criminal liability, even if sensitive data isn’t stolen.

Under a shared security model managed by OnX, organizations benefit from a multi-layered security regime featuring state-of-the-art safety measures integrated directly into cloud infrastructure. This provides privacy protection across multiple AWS data centers in 22 regions and 69 availability zones worldwide.

OnX Canada Cloud Solutions: Paving the road to digital transformation

Going forward, success in business will be about speed to market and the ability to adapt to changing environments. Choosing an effective managed cloud partner can help with your organization’s digital transformation.

Meanwhile, offloading workloads to the OnX subject matter experts gives organizations the latest security protection without additional integration into legacy environments. Advanced data protection can be tailored to customized AWS environments, enabling easy onboarding of new developments in data protection and recovery.

With a demonstrated track record of success in advanced cloud architectures, OnX can steer your cloud transition from the earliest design phase through deployment, data migration, and production. Acting as a full-service IT consultant for businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies across Canada, OnX also has experience in cloud customization and management.

A team of experienced and certified technicians allows for a company-wide focus on core objectives, improving deployment and optimization while freeing an enterprise from having to develop a team of cloud experts. Additionally, OnX can build a wide range of environments within AWS—including testing and development—a benefit for organizations seeking to offload compliance, security, and other tasks.

Digital transformation is the IT equivalent of a long journey with an unknown conclusion. An experienced guide ensures not only that you arrive at your destination, but do so on time and on budget. Contact OnX Canada for more information on AWS cloud solutions.

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