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Four powerful questions to ask IT staffing partners

In recent years, the IT talent gap has become a core obstacle to technology enterprises, exacerbated by the swift pivot to remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Fortune Magazine, the talent gap has led to overall pay spikes of 14% or greater for IT professionals in some metropolitan areas. While the IT talent gap has been a developing challenge of the past decade, it has never made more sense to seek partners in IT staffing to navigate the chaotic waters.

Working with an IT staffing firm can ease the burden of the hiring process each step of the way. From recruiting to onboarding to managed services, specialized consultants conform to the needs of your team. OnX Canada IT Staffing and Consulting helps you bridge the talent gap by offering these services and more.

With so much noise in the IT staffing space, how can your team find the right fit? Below are four questions to consider when making this critical choice.

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Does this IT staffing partner have experience with my industry?

IT is not a monolith. Each business and industry segment has unique challenges and risks. The partner in IT staffing that your leadership ultimately selects needs to know your niche thoroughly. Otherwise, your team will waste valuable time sifting through candidates that are a poor fit.

OnX has over 30 years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes. Pair that with more than 1,200 consultants and database of 40,000 applicants, and you have access to an invaluable resource with connections in your unique industry.

Does this firm have experience staffing this specific kind of project?

It all comes back to experience. Does the staffing firm you are considering have experience with your top priority projects? You may be migrating to the cloud, recovering from a cyberattack, or building out infrastructure. Each project has unique considerations and uniquely qualified candidates.

OnX recruiters have filled roles for every conceivable project type in the past—cloud services, infrastructure, security, and more.

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Do your staffing consultants have the right certifications?

Some projects demand specific certifications. And in order to recruit for those certifications, IT staffing firms may need to be certified themselves. Project management and delivery teams must be properly certified to maintain a high level of quality control and productivity.

OnX is home to over 1,200 consultants with advanced certifications. Our consultants have a broad depth of experience, so you can trust that we will make the right choices when submitting candidates or contractors for your review.

Does the IT staffing firm offer project management services?

Combining outside support with existing internal team dynamics can quickly get very complicated. Internal and external employees must work cohesively to maintain productivity. One way to keep the motor humming is to hire an IT staffing partner that utilizes project management services. A project manager acts as a point person and keeps all internal and external resources moving forward and on the same page.

That is why it’s imperative to select a partner in IT staffing that works with all kinds of IT professionals. OnX can easily call on a deep network of consultants and candidates to provide the right project management solutions and  also offers full management to help ease the burden on your teams.

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The benefits of managed services:

  • Free up time – Engagement managers can take on expense reports, timesheets, and scheduling tasks.
  • Reduce administrative burden – Let your team focus less on day-to-day network management and more on the organization’s long-term strategic business initiatives.
  • Ongoing support – Access to our technical experts, even after project-based work is completed.
  • Tailored solutions – Find the right amount of support for the highest priority or highest volume projects.
  • Existing staff augmentation – Support your valuable staff with expert consultants.

Close the IT talent gap with a trusted partner in IT staffing

It’s clear that the talent gap in IT will continue to be an issue for companies as they work to keep up in the digital age. But by partnering with an IT staffing firm that you trust, you can bridge that gap.

To give you the best possible outcomes, OnX IT Staffing and Consulting offers services ranging from building out existing IT teams to full delivery teams to project-based resources. Whether your needs include a single project or company-wide staffing, OnX has the perfect solution for you.

For more information on IT staffing solutions, contact the experts at OnX or download our free e-book.