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OnX Reaffirms Dedication to Corporate Sustainability with Cisco Specialization

Governments and businesses worldwide are working to combat climate change through corporate sustainability practices such as the circular economy. The circular economy—commerce operating by a set of principles emphasizing reuse—is expected to reach a market value of $4.5 trillion by 2030. OnX reaffirmed its commitment to corporate sustainability by earning a Sustainability Specialization with Cisco. The program trains its partners in meeting government mandates and sustainability best practices.

OnX also signed Cisco’s Sustainability Pledge, which plots out the goals of:

  • Net zero emissions for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 2040.
  • 100% of products and packaging incorporating Circular Design Principles by FY2025.
  • 100% return on end-of-use hardware.

“OnX is dedicated to making a positive impact on our environmental footprint. This specialization supports our sustainability leadership and our efforts to differentiate in the marketplace to open up additional sales opportunities among environmentally conscious customers,” said Paul Khawaja, President, OnX Canada

The Cisco Specialization focuses on the fundamentals of corporate sustainability practices. This post will review the details and how these practices generate new business opportunities for OnX and its partners.

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The Cisco takeback initiative

The Cisco Takeback Incentive offers substantial discounts to its customers in exchange for agreeing to return end-of-life hardware to Cisco. This initiative encourages customers and partners to participate in the circular economy. Hardware stays out of landfills, and Cisco can refurbish, remanufacture, or recycle the technology for cost savings on both sides of the supply chain.

In addition, the Takeback Incentive cracks down on the so-called gray market. The gray market funnels upwards of $3 billion annually into illicit sales of scavenged hardware. By closing the loop that supplies the gray market, efforts like the Takeback Incentive will strip cyber criminals of their supply.

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How corporate sustainability creates new business opportunities

Cisco’s Sustainability Specialization helps its partners stand apart from the competition in several ways.

Government compliance

Authorities worldwide are making it hard for companies to pollute with new regulations. In addition, funding to expand green businesses and corporate sustainability is gaining traction. Companies can stay on the right side of regulatory bodies with Cisco’s sustainability training and access newly created stimulus funding.

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New business prospects

More and more businesses are working to build sustainable business practices. Operating according to sustainable business practices is the right thing to do and a warm connection that sales teams can use in outreach.

New services

Old hardware often ends up in the garbage because IT departments lack electronic recycling options. Takeback initiatives add value to client relationships by fulfilling a pressing need. Additionally, they generate goodwill through discounts. Other new offerings based on the Specialization include corporate sustainability consultation. Sustainability consultation may include circular economy best practices and how to best institute recycling or remanufacturing programs.

Become the expert on reducing carbon emissions

Committing to reducing carbon emissions gives your company valuable expertise. Undergoing this process is the best way to gain the authority needed to advise partners on how to update and enact their own Net Zero policies.

Win new business

Many companies only accept proposals from companies with a corporate sustainability plan in place. The Cisco Sustainability Specialization is a way to prove that your company has a plan and is holding itself accountable.

Building the circular economy through corporate sustainability

The threat of climate change is undeniable, and businesses are stepping up to meet it. Those companies that refuse to do so risk the wrath of public opinion and cheat themselves out of new business opportunities.

The circular economy is rapidly becoming the standard operating procedure for businesses. Cisco reports that 41% of its partners are already engaged in recycling programs, with 45% generating sizable revenue from their sustainability offerings.

OnX has long been a leader in emerging technology and is proud to add corporate sustainability to the long list of its service offerings. That list includes security, communications, application modernization, cloud services, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Managed services in all of these categories are also available to help offload the burden from your IT staff. In addition to Cisco, OnX has a number of partnerships with quadrant leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Dell.

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