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Transforming the digital workplace with AI

The emerging role of AI in the digital workplace Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the digital world. AI impacts every sector and department within a company—doubly so for organizations with hybrid work environments. AI is a locus of innovation within the digital workplace. AI improves productivity and generates improved user experience by […]

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Strengthening the edge: The acceleration of MXDR, AI, and cybersecurity

Why defense in depth and next-gen firewalls matter Morgan Stanley’s September 2023 wealth management report AI and Cybersecurity: A New Era stated that “cybercriminals are using AI to carry out a variety of sophisticated attacks, from data poisoning to deepfakes.” So, what’s the solution? If bad actors are always one step ahead, is it even […]

The state of cloud network security, SASE, and SD-WAN today

To mitigate cyber risk, OnX Canada keeps clients current with the next iteration of network security practices by offering cutting-edge secure cloud network solutions coupled with our team’s expertise. OnX typically advises clients to invest in two emerging secure networking solutions: secure access service edge (SASE) and secure service edge (SSE). Each solution has distinct […]

Defining security assessments: Risk, compliance, and security frameworks

But where do you start with your security assessments? Which one should your organization invest in first? To answer that question, let us explore the purpose of each assessment in greater detail. The types of security assessments Penetration testing – Tests the effectiveness of your security controls with simulated cyberattacks that criminals would use. Vulnerability […]

AI infrastructure: Modern data management for insight-driven strategy

Modern data management Data management describes various techniques for collecting, aggregating, securing, and analyzing data sets. Modern data management integrates emerging technology, such as AI, into data management frameworks and processes. Traditional data management Modern data management Data is structured Data can be unstructured or structured Centered on the on-premises data center Centered on cloud […]

On the CISO path: Galvanizing female tech professionals and improving cybersecurity in aviation

The cybersecurity battleground Cybersecurity continues to move forward, and the attack surface grows as it does. Taking control of the full scope of risks and threats will be daunting for the most experienced security staff. Deneen pointed out that for all the headway made in cybersecurity in aviation, security professionals still manage comprehensive systems, networks, […]

Cloud security benefits: Protecting revenue and operations

Protecting networks allows companies to defend against the effects of a data breach. It utilizes a variety of technologies, frameworks, tools, and more to protect all aspects of this developing technology, from public to multi-cloud environments. The need for network protection When compared to the cost of a data breach, companies are better served investing […]

Nine essential security benefits of cloud technology

Why is cloud security so important? One of the primary benefits of cloud technology is risk reduction. According to Gartner, user error will cause 99% of security breaches by 2025—but this doesn’t mean cloud security will be risk-free. Organizations will continue to face challenges in compliance, complex threat landscapes, and misconfigured systems. For instance, one […]

Major shifts in retail technology signal the latest tech evolution

These systems are both diverse and essential for efficiently running the day-to-day retail operations—managing employees and stock-to-consumer marketing initiatives, monitoring security cameras, and tracking customers’ movement and time spent in the store. Retail technology has advanced as strides have been made to the underlying networks. But those improvements have come with an expanded attack surface. […]

Enhance retail customer analytics with geospatial intelligence marketing technology

What is geospatial intelligence? Geospatial, or location-based marketing technology, utilizes modern connectivity to collect and gather insights from customer location data. Internet of things (IoT) devices, GPS data, and geographic information systems (GIS) all contribute to a holistic picture of consumers’ movements through retail spaces. What can this data do for you? Marketers and retail […]

Does your business network need Juniper Mist NaaS with Marvis AI?

Enter Marvis, the virtual network assistant (VNA) from Juniper Mist and 2023 leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for networking. With Marvis, IT teams can use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to proactively alert the network admin of potential issues. Marvis is a 24×7 support “robot” that performs many tasks a Tier 1 customer […]