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IT challenges Canadian government

Top IT challenges facing Canadian government organizations

Tight budgets, high expectations The government of Canada acknowledges that citizens expect more digital services and have little patience for computer system crashes and balky IT performance. The federal government’s Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology 2017 to 2021 spells this out in four central goals: Services should be simple, easy to access, […]

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OnX Four Questions for IT Staffing Partners

Four questions for IT staffing partners

At OnX, our OnDemand Residency Services can assist your organization with finding, securing, and building lasting partnerships with the technical experts you need. In choosing the OnDemand solution, your organization can rest assured that it is engaging with an experienced IT staffing partner to seek out the talented IT individuals that it needs. IT staffing […]

OnX IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

Let’s discuss two reasons why recruiters play a key role in the IT industry that AI simply cannot match. 1) Recruiters are able to connect with people on a personal level. At its most basic, recruiting is about developing relationships. A relationship not only with the client–but with prospective IT professionals to fill that client’s […]

OnX SD-WAN and Cloud App Performance

SD-WAN delivers better cloud app performance

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN: It’s all about the apps The tremendous rise in cloud application usage has significantly impacted the performance of traditional networks like MPLS (multiprotocol label switching). For many years, MPLS networks have proven reliable for branch offices, but they require costly onsite configuration and management. Since the adoption of cloud-based apps […]

3 Steps to transforming your business with Unified Communications

Because of this complexity, it makes sense that your business partner with an experienced UCaaS provider to ensure that the migration goes smoothly and that the new technology is managed properly after the UCaaS has gone online. Migrating to a UCaaS system consists of three steps: audit of current system assessment of the tools available […]

OnX OnDemand Residency Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]

SD-WAN: Rethinking enterprise networks for Canada’s distributed, mobile workforce

The movement from conventional WAN to SD-WAN technology The exponential rise in cloud-based application use during the past few years has impacted the performance of the conventional enterprise WAN. With the bandwidth requirements of today’s cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot, and Salesforce, along with a significant portion of the compute and storage […]

OnX Canadian Cloud Partner

What Canadian Maritime businesses should look for in data protection and managed services solutions provider

OnX has been providing IT solutions to the Maritime Provinces for decades. As an industry leader, we’re sharing our advice for choosing the best cloud and data protection solution provider for your business. Select a provider who understands your individual business needs You want your provider to have extensive experience in both data protection, as […]

migrating to the cloud

Common excuses that stop companies from migrating to the cloud

1. “I’m not sold on the cost savings.” At first glance, reducing costs is one of the most immediate and tangible results from the cloud. You get out of the data center business and pay a predictable monthly fee based on the resources you use. No more buying the whole server rack when you only […]


Calculating the costs of managing your own data center vs. a managed cloud solution

The AWS TCO calculator has four core components: Servers: CPU cores, gigabytes of memory, database engine variety, virtual machines, and VM usage. Storage: raw capacity, storage type, and monthly backup percentage. Network: estimated data bandwidth and peak-average ratio. IT labor: annual salaries and number of VMs per administrator. Every IT organization faces unique challenges, so […]