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Hyperscale Cloud

A Smart Approach to Moving Workloads to the Hyperscale Cloud

A structured assessment of your IT workloads can help you identify the best match between your workload characteristics and the various hyperscale cloud providers. Additionally, it identifies where workloads have dependencies which must be addressed in making a transition to cloud. This information helps you develop a cloud architecture that dovetails into your wider business […]

Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Why Your Security Program Must Include Proactive Zero-Day Defense Protection

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) published by Symantec in April of 2017, notes that the number of malware variants has risen to 357 million different strains. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly one malware strain per 21 people or roughly one strain for every person online. The real problem is one of scope; […]

BCDR Testing

3 Reasons to Document Your DR Testing

1. You don’t know for sure who will be doing the recovery Creating a thorough disaster recovery plan that is well documented is one of the most critical components in your ability to get your business back up and running in the event of a major impact event. Major events can take the form of […]

OnX customer Survey

What we’re learning about our clients through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

OnX Rankings Compare Well So, how did we do? The majority of our clients approve of the job OnX is doing for them. Our NPS is 50.6, which is considered excellent by survey standards. We also scored well above the average score for all industries (44) and for our closest industry, technology/hardware/software (32.5). Regionally, OnX […]

retail commerce

Retail Commerce Makes a Giant Leap Forward

One of the key providers in this space is Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, which the CRM giant developed after purchasing e-commerce specialist Demandware in 2016. This is a great option for retailers because they can avoid punishing up-front expenses for licensing and architecture. The unique revenue-sharing expense model to e-commerce is another welcome advance. As a […]

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware Attacks: Protecting Your Business from Becoming a Statistic

This particular ransomware strain, although hitting numerous hospitals in the UK and many other organizations across the world had a kill switch. The ransomware would attempt to connect to a domain with a very long and complex name, if the domain was _not_ live, the ransomware proceeded to encrypt all files. If the domain _was_ […]

3 Essential Steps for Disaster Recovery Testing

Avoidance and procrastination are not good options — especially in an age of high-profile cyberattacks. DR programs have to be tested to work out the kinks and discover unanticipated problems. Taking these three steps will help your company get serious about disaster recovery testing: 1. Create a culture of testing Start with the assumption that […]

4 questions to ask before hiring a DRaaS provider

Where is your DR site? The night Hurricane Sandy hit the New York metropolitan area in 2012, some Manhattan companies that backed up to New Jersey data centers found themselves in a major jam: The storm had knocked out power across the entire region, crippling backup sites as well as main sites. Conclusion: You want […]

3 Common Mistakes of OpenStack Beginners

I’ve just co-authored a new book on OpenStack architecture. Part of my motivation for writing it was to help people avoid the most common mistakes when embarking on a new OpenStack initiative. First, I’ll talk about avoiding three of these errors, and then I’ll talk a bit about the new OpenStack book. Mistake 1: Failing […]