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OnX is Now a CBTS Company — What Does This Mean for You?

So, what does this mean for you? This is great news for both companies’ clients, partners, and employees, who will all benefit from our combined full-service IT solutions portfolio. In the short term, both companies will continue to operate under our existing names, offering an enhanced portfolio of IT solutions and services. CBTS and OnX […]

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Data center to cloud ROI

How getting out of the data center business delivers exponential return on investment

Switching from CapEx to OpEx Somebody has to pay for data center hardware, software, and support. But it doesn’t have to be you. That’s the fundamental appeal of shifting IT resources to the cloud. Cloud providers invest in designing, building, and provisioning powerful high availability, multi-tenant solutions of varying complexity. Clients cut costs and pay […]

Disaster recovery investment

Why disaster recovery is an investment in your company’s future success

When the lights return after seven seconds that feel like hours, you’ll forget about the few thousand dollars you invested in a generator. You’ll be grateful you avoided countless millions in malpractice claims. But most of all, you’ll have a chance to save the patient. Determining the ROI of disaster recovery Disaster recovery is about […]

Disaster recovery

CIO guide to disaster recovery: 5 lessons learned the hard way

1. Underplanning: Being reactive instead of proactive. An astonishing number of organizations lack a documented disaster recovery plan. A recent survey reported by CIOinsight.com found that 40 percent of the organizations queried admitted they did not have a documented disaster-recovery plan. The survey went out to more than 400 IT pros in firms with 50 […]

Journey to the cloud

CIO field guide: How to successfully navigate a successful path to the cloud

1. Align the cloud with your business goals. Cloud computing cannot be an end in itself. It has to be an avenue to pursue a business objective such as: Improving customer service. Cloud technologies like virtualization and cloud apps for customer-relationship management can transform key components of your business. Streamlining vendor relationships. The cloud might […]

Finding the right cloud option

The CIO’s guide to finding your perfect fit for cloud computing

  Cloud options at a glance Public Private Hybrid ·      Economical ·      Flexible ·      Global options   ·      Greater Control ·      In-country ·      Tighter security   ·      Most flexible ·      Costs, speed, and security optimized for best business results Choosing your cloud environment starts with your business objectives, compliance needs, and current IT operations. Workloads […]

What’s your path to the right hyperconverged solution?

Hyperconvergence integrates a host of technologies, including compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources, all in a single device. Typically that device is managed through a common toolset and supported by a single vendor. Depending on the customer’s needs, you can expand hyperconverged solutions by adding nodes to the base unit – for example, customers with […]

Intel Opane OnX

OnX shows: Intel Optane SSDs more than double SDS cache performance

In a standard SDS node configuration, traditional HDDs are sufficient for the storage tier, while the caching tier consists of higher speed SSDs. This is fine for moderate workloads such as branch office applications and basic VDI deployments, but it’s less suited for high-demand environments.   Accelerating the cache tier with Intel Optane SSDs Now, […]

OnX Cisco Master of Security Certification

OnX awarded Cisco Master of Security Certification

To achieve the Cisco Master of Security Certification, OnX team members had to show their exact understanding of individual Cisco security practices, as well as demonstrate a deep understanding of how those practices should function as a cohesive set of solutions. The OnX team also had to showcase current examples of successful projects in which […]

DR to Azure

Why DR to Azure is the Right Data Protection Solution for Your Company

Regionally dispersed companies that must store data within the borders of a specific nation. Microsoft has data centers around the world, which helps accommodate nation-based compliance concerns. Companies that have not developed a comprehensive disaster-recovery program, but would like to get moving on one soon. Companies with relatively simple disaster-recovery needs and looking for a […]

Digital workplace OnX

Top 5 Issues Enterprises Face in the Digital Workplace

Executives must find common ground in competing styles and philosophies within a short time frame. Large data sets need to be migrated into a unified platform and then mined for intelligence to drive innovation and increased revenue. Multiple teams must work together to consolidate processes and data systems. Leaders must choose optimum digital workplace tools […]