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Embrace new technology innovations with the OnX implementation process

OnX has been implementing new technology for our customers for over three decades. Over time, OnX has tested and vetted a method for implementation at scale, and our team has refined that process to benefit organizations of all sizes and industries.

Across industries, companies struggle to maintain on-premises legacy IT systems. The constant upkeep is simply not a good use of IT personnel and budgets in the age of staffing shortages and persistent technological advances. As a result, many forward-thinking organizations are implementing new technology and migrating to the Cloud to optimize technology spending.

It’s a common misconception that cloud systems only offer expanded file storage options. Other powerful cloud-based technologies include Networking as a Service (NaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), and next-generation security tools.

However, modernization poses its own challenges, so finding the right technology partner is critical. In recent years, IT firms have been trending toward specialization—meaning that fewer firms can offer holistic technology solutions. When choosing a technology partner, you want to investigate three facets of their operations:

  1. Expierence
  2. Values
  3. Methodology

OnX has been implementing new technology for our customers for over three decades. Over time, OnX has tested and vetted a method for implementation at scale, and our team has refined that process to benefit organizations of all sizes and industries.

OnX values delivery over technology. In other words, we prioritize offering the best technology for your company to achieve the best results, but we value those results over the tools implemented. We are committed to agnostic solution delivery. This approach entails developing and maintaining partnerships with hundreds of the best technology providers. Those partnerships let OnX provide end-to-end solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers.     

This post will examine the OnX method for implementing new technology.

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The OnX process for implementing new technology

OnX clients start the process with an initial consultation to determine if the partnership is a good fit technology-wise. OnX strives for long-term relationship building, so the next step is to guide potential clients through a discussion to confirm compatibility in values, goals, and expectations. The goal is to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that best serve clients.

Once all parties agree it’s a good fit, OnX project managers and engineers dig in to learn as much about your business as possible. This expertise enables our team to make the best recommendations based on your goals and day-to-day operations.

As the team implements new technology, they move through three significant phases of five smaller steps. Note that only some clients will need every step—for example, not every client will need a Proof of Concept (POC).


The Design process begins with a consultation. From there, a dedicated team of project managers, engineers, and SMEs are assigned and will work with the client throughout the process.

Next comes the Kickoff. These in-depth meetings ensure that OnX and the client are on the same page. Finally, we work with the client to define what success means to them, plan the strategy in detail, and develop a network design document that outlines the remaining steps.


If necessary, the team will guide the client through a POC by prototyping the new technology implementation and deploying it on a small scale. Once up and running, OnX engineers will test the POC, attempting to make it fail and patching any issues if it does.

Once the POC concludes, the team reviews the outcome and notes any pivots or tweaks to implement before proceeding with the Pilot. The Pilot is a “soft launch” that expands the new tech to additional locations before the complete launch.


The final step of implementing new technology is the Run phase. The Rollout is the full launch of the solutions. The team follows the “ramp” process developed in the previous steps. The ramp strategy guides implementation, leaning on the lessons learned so far.

At this point, OnX deploys ServiceNow, an on-demand support platform. This begins the support step of implementation. Technical support is available 24x7x365. In addition, the OnX team follows up with monthly meetings to review how the rollout is proceeding and address any issues.

Diagram of Onx's phased approach for high velocity large scale deployments. There are 5 steps in their Design, Build, Run approach. 1. Kickoff 2. POC 3. Pilot 4. Rollout 5. Run

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A true co-management experience

In previous decades, an organization purchased technology, and it became the responsibility of its staff. The company’s IT team managed each aspect of implementing new technology—design, installation, rollout, and support. However, the current market pressures insist that tech providers offer co-management solutions, which alleviates the burden of ongoing maintenance and support of the client’s new solutions. At OnX, we commit to sharing that responsibility with our clients.

Additionally, we create a true co-management experience by granting the client complete control, access, and visibility of their systems. The risk of this approach is that the client may mistakenly disrupt their service—but with round-the-clock OnX support, that risk is minimized.

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Implementing new technology now and in the future

The IT landscape continues to shift from on-prem tech to the Cloud. Notably, this means that organizations can pivot technology budgets from capital expenses to operating expenses. But to fully take advantage of this cash flow perk, businesses need technology providers that understand their operations on a deep level.

Implementing new technology is challenging, but OnX has developed, vetted, and optimized its methodology over 30 years. The experts at OnX are highly credentialed and hold industry-wide certifications. By leveraging this expertise, the project management team skillfully navigates our clients through the process.

Once the new technology is fully implemented, OnX will continue its support with 24x7x365 customer service and the option for an authentic co-management experience enabling clients to achieve flexibility and control while having access to expert support and security. Importantly, we know there is always room for growth and further improvement, forming the foundation of our mission.

Learn more about how OnX can guide your team through implementing new technology.