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Let OnX navigate your journey to AWS for government

From federal agencies to local municipalities, Canadian government organizations are transforming the way they do business with help from cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With thousands of government entities now using AWS, departments across Canada are able to balance cost-effectiveness and agility with security, compliance, and reliability. By working with OnX Canada as an Advanced Consulting AWS partner, your agency can easily navigate procurement and policy issues related to the adoption of AWS for government.

Additionally, AWS provides commercial cloud capabilities for unclassified data, allowing governments to execute their goals with a common toolset and providing the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing mission parameters.

This blog will touch on how AWS—with OnX as a reliable provider—can meet the top IT challenges facing Canadian government organizations.

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Overcoming IT challenges with the cloud

As a vetted and approved vendor of record (VoR) for the Government of Ontario, OnX delivers a highly secure solution tailored to meet a host of IT-related pressures; regulators require robust data governance, while citizens demand the newest digital and mobile technologies from legacy systems often hindered by redundancies and incompatibilities.

The Canadian government identified five core challenges faced by IT leaders at the federal level:

  • Inefficiencies through duplication of platforms.
  • Incompatibility of systems and data models.
  • Inconsistent service delivery and standards.
  • Lack of information sharing.
  • Difficulties finding key information.

Cloud for government allows departments to overcome these issues by speeding up the delivery of services at minimal cost. Citizens expect dependable digital services and IT performance, meaning a cloud-first approach is the way to go for all government entities. The cloud delivers improved scalability and lowers costs by migrating from expensive data centers to more reliable monthly usage fees.

Many government leaders also want to harness the potential of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other bleeding-edge innovations. Cloud systems enable agencies to deliver always-on services to anyone using a mobile device within cell phone or Wi-Fi range.

Most government data—such as healthcare and financial information—must be protected at all costs. To that end, systems should have robust cyber defense safeguards that identify and isolate potential threats, keeping intruders away from valuable private data.

Canadian legislation—including the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)—has established guidelines for strict data governance. Agencies require robust encryption services in their day-to-day duties, as well as VPN remote connection and the ability to monitor for unauthorized traffic on government servers.

Though agencies of all sizes are wary about ceding control of data, OnX and AWS have taken these security threats to heart. OnX has many years of industry experience in helping organizations move their infrastructure and applications into the cloud while also addressing the cloud-driven hurdles specific to the public sector.

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Organizations setting up an AWS cloud environment for government should follow a four-step process:

  • Evaluate the various options.
  • Plan a migration strategy.
  • Make security a priority.
  • Find an effective partner.

OnX is your trusted cloud partner

Although configuring a basic cloud platform is relatively straightforward, establishing an AWS network for government should be handled by an experienced partner like OnX. Let’s take a closer look at the four steps needed to get you started:

Evaluate: Some organizations require more storage capacity, while others have faster networking in mind for their cloud network. For these reasons, agency leaders should be certain that the cloud they’re considering is optimal for their business objectives.

Migration: This phase should begin with an inventory of current workloads and initiatives, followed by detailed plans for each branch within the agency. OnX offers guidance for these processes, ensuring your transition is smooth and trouble-free.

Security: Take time to maintain network security before, during, and after your cloud migration. As backup and recovery functions are more effective in the cloud, many government agencies are quick to utilize multiple backup sites.

Partnership: Moving to the cloud is just the beginning of the agency-provider relationship. OnX delivers continual support for all aspects of the cloud environment, guiding you through periodic upgrades so your organization can bring full value to the taxpayer.

Value for your agency and citizens alike

Applying AWS for government reduces the administrative burden on agencies, permitting a redoubled focus on the delivery of critical public resources. OnX has honed this process over decades with a procurement model that implements effective solutions, solves real-world problems, and creates value for both the agency itself and the public at large.

Read our e-book to learn more about how OnX can assist with your transition to AWS for government.