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Delivering a trustworthy cloud for government service

Like most enterprises around the globe, government organizations require access to the same cloud-based innovations currently enabling digital transformation across the private sector. By leveraging these innovative tools, federal, provincial and municipal departments can deliver IT services with greater speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness than traditional data center technologies.

Cloud computing services help agency leaders improve public services cost effectively—a crucial quality for any government organization striving to better serve its constituents. Through its robust focus on cloud for government, OnX Canada is helping government agencies of all sizes break off from ineffectual and costly networking environments that inhibit performance and transition to a more efficient delivery model.

With assistance from OnX, government agencies are migrating from silo-laden, hardware-centric data centers to the virtual ecosystem of the cloud. Integrated cloud resources are compiled to meet the needs of specific workloads, meaning they can be easily returned to a common pool upon completion of a job. Consumption scales dynamically according to work volume, offering a tremendous cost advantage over fixed resources that may sit idle for long periods and are often over-provisioned.

This blog will illuminate the numerous ways in which advanced cloud for government tools can better serve communities.

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Let OnX manage your cloud for government platform

Decades of industry experience allow OnX to aid government agencies in converting their infrastructure and applications into a cloud environment while also addressing cloud-specific obstacles specific to the public sector.

Government entities are always looking for secure and cost-efficient means to provide services, with fiscal advantages only the first in a long list of the benefits of cloud for government. The cloud offers a more reliable and secure setting than legacy, on-premises data centers, including backup and recovery options that ensure continuity in the event of system failure.

Employing the latest cloud security solutions sustains delivery of mission-critical services—an improvement over legacy data centers that are more expensive to support. For a cloud provider, failure to deploy new innovations can impose a serious disadvantage in an era of highly customized environments sustaining a growing range of industry verticals. Agencies now have a variety of options when it comes to network data protection, governance, analytics, and residency.

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By harnessing cloud-based tools, your agency benefits through:

  • A security posture that is more dynamic, automated, and service-oriented.
  • Predictable payments and lower initial investment costs.
  • Cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Improved efficiency through automated IT options, including serverless computing.
  • Domestic data centers that optimize real-time services and reduce risk of significant downtime.

Organizing your cloud for government strategy  

The cloud also offers managed solutions, allowing for outsourcing of the entire environment to a provider like OnX. With a managed cloud solution for government, publicly-funded offices and agencies need not worry about provisioning servers or storage, mapping connectivity, creating virtual machines, or the myriad other tasks of modern IT management. Proper usage and governance policies give workers the resources they require to accomplish crucial tasks.

While setting up a basic cloud environment is fairly straightforward, establishing proper controls for an active government agency is a multi-step process that necessitates precautions such as the following:

  • Agency heads must ensure that the cloud they’re considering is the best fit for their enterprise’s day-to-day objectives. Some organizations need more storage capacity, whereas others rely on faster networking to suit diverse workloads.
  • Planning the best migration strategy should begin with a thorough inventory of current workloads and initiatives, followed by intricate planning around each group within the agency. Experienced cloud for government providers will offer guidance for this process—if not, it might be wise to consider another provider.
  • Take the time to confirm that security is maintained before, during, and after migration. Backup and recovery are more effective in the cloud, and—considering the reasonable costs of this technology—many organizations can afford nothing less than zero downtime for mission-critical applications.
  • Moving to the cloud, whether powered by AWS or other platforms, marks the beginning of a new relationship with your provider. As a partner on this journey, your cloud company is responsible for configuring and supporting data center technologies, not to mention all future upgrades as well.

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Bring value and timely services to your constituents with cloud for government

Most government institutions are primarily focused on getting full value for the taxpayer. With the right cloud for government partner, agencies of all sizes can deliver services at high quality and low cost.

Download the OnX e-book for more information on guiding your agency’s transition to the cloud.