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SD-WAN advantages for your hybrid work-from-home model

The business world is still adapting to the remote work environment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this new normal, the ideas of network infrastructure and application cloud migration have shifted from “maybe someday” to “when and how?”

As more businesses look to the cloud to stabilize and enhance their hybrid work-from-home models, enterprise leaders need to understand the benefits of implementing software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and network as a service (NaaS) as they transition into their new model.

For example, VMware SD-WAN creates an agile platform that allows enterprises to securely deploy, manage, and monitor their public, private, and wireless networks. The management and analysis processes are offloaded to the solution provider.

Partner with OnX Canada to create your ideal NaaS solution and realize the benefits of a fully managed network, complete with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and Auto VPN. Securing your Cloud network with enterprise-level protection is easier than you think thanks to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). SASE solutions deliver integrated advanced threat prevention, reduce complexity, and lower your total cost of ownership. Whether your enterprise is focused on limiting capital expenses, lessening internal IT workloads, or optimizing your hybrid/remote work environment, the SD-WAN advantages are clear:

Primary SD-WAN advantages:

  • Control your capital: Both SD-WAN and NaaS solutions function as monthly utilities, limiting the capital expenses necessary to get them up and running.
  • Get more with less: Because SD-WAN is hosted and managed in the cloud, your organization can offload network maintenance tasks and easily scale operations as needed.
  • Streamline remote and hybrid workforces: SD-WAN maintains strong and uninterrupted connections between remote and on-site employees on the same network.
  • Enhanced security features: Your organization can enjoy the same secure network whether your employees are in-office or working remotely from home.
  • Superior service: Because SD-WAN is a managed solution, you get the expertise and partnership of your provider’s organization, which acts as an extension of your own team.

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Navigating the pain points of a hybrid work-from-home model.

Over the past year, nearly every sector of the global economy was thrown into uncharted waters. Now, employees are settling in and many are enjoying the remote work lifestyle. Enterprise leaders have learned a lot and are continually looking for the best solutions for stabilizing and streamlining their remote workforces. The rapid shift to the hybrid work-from-home model has not come without cost. Initially, companies suffered from unexpected expenses, loss of efficiency, and security issues.

The migration of disparate remote offices and workplaces into a shared network brings with it a need for greater bandwidth and more robust traffic routing to properly manage the high volumes of data produced in the hybrid work-from-home model. This is where SD-WAN shines, allowing your enterprise to scale its bandwidth up or down on an as-needed basis.

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SD-WAN security advantages

Network security has always been a primary concern for businesses, even prior to the restructuring brought on by COVID-19. Today, with a record number of employees accessing business-critical data from home and on mobile networks, the need for best-in-class security is more important than ever.

The good news is a fully managed SD-WAN solution can be easily augmented with a cloud security package without putting any additional workloads on your in-house IT staff.

In addition to providing unmatched security, your providers will have insight into the day-to-day operations of your networking environment and will help identify potential cost-saving opportunities as they assist your organization’s transition to a cloud-based architecture.

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The future of the hybrid work-from-home model is powered by SD-WAN and NaaS

When you embrace the power of SD-WAN and NaaS solutions, your enterprise can establish and maintain the robust remote/hybrid workforce needed to meet immediate challenges, with the built-in flexibility and support to adapt to the future.

Contact OnX for more information about how SD-WAN advantages can transform your organization for the modern age.