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Level up your customer experience with franchise technology solutions

Speed of service is only the beginning for today’s fast-casual restaurant industry. Customers also expect a comfortable and friendly experience from the moment they order to when they leave the restaurant.

In an ultra-competitive fast-food environment, more enterprises are investing in purpose-built franchise technology solutions to meet their communication needs. Examples of such customer-centric innovations include app-based ordering systems, smart tablet-powered drive-through networks, and more.

While these tools are potential game-changers, they are only as useful as the networks powering them. To that end, corporate entities and franchise owners alike can refurbish their in-store systems with managed Network as a Service (NaaS) by OnX Canada.

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Franchise Technology Solutions

The future of franchise technology solutions includes:

  • New drive-through lanes utilizing networked mobile devices to handle orders and encourage brand loyalty.
  • In-store Wi-Fi for patrons expecting a steady Internet connection while they dine.
  • A streamlined web page or mobile app that allows customers to order off-site.

Restaurant networks face high hurdles

Many franchise owners face overwhelming obstacles when implementing advanced technology solutions. Some enterprises grapple with red tape around service provider contracts, while others are stymied by overly complex licensing agreements.

Network consistency is another significant issue faced by food industry franchisees. Individual franchise owners and larger corporate entities alike find maintaining reliable network performance across multiple locations challenging.

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A network solution that grows with your organization

Although NaaS by OnX supports the communication goals of numerous markets, the food service industry is particularly well-positioned to drive results and reduce expenses with this managed solution. Additionally, restaurants and similar enterprises can utilize NaaS to position their brands for the next iteration of franchise technology solutions.

Since downtime can be catastrophic for restaurants, OnX works with clients to rapidly deploy a powerful NaaS solution, bringing consistent performance across multiple storefronts and devices. Around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance allows owners and managers to focus on hungry customers rather than network upkeep.

With NaaS in place, restaurant owners can quickly scale their network to support business growth and deployment of additional franchises. This flexibility means the organization can promptly adjust and customize the network with minimal disruption.

A new generation of franchise communication technology

In an era of nimble communications, the concept of fast-casual restaurant service itself is taking on new dimensions. Today’s customers expect convenience, whether checking order status via mobile app or on a table-mounted smart display. However, simply modernizing your systems means little without a robust and reliable in-store network supporting them.

With OnX as a cloud networking partner, organizations can equip their restaurants with convenient customer-centric and employee-friendly technology. Owners can also reap the rewards of lowering networking expenses with simplified billing, dependable performance, and much more.

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