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OnX Canada boosts productivity as best-in-class IT solutions company

Technology geared for enterprises continues to become more complex as operational needs and client demands evolve. As a result, modern companies face many IT challenges, including managing network performance, maximizing uptime, meeting escalating cyber security challenges, and maintaining core infrastructure. Tapping the expert knowledge of an IT solutions company like OnX Canada can help your company face these challenges head-on and get the most out of emerging tech.

For over three decades, OnX has garnered a reputation as a best-in-class IT solutions provider. OnX has broad proficiency in providing business IT solutions across the technology landscape. Our IT solutions for companies of all sizes include cloud migration and management, various Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, communications system upgrades, and a host of profoundly qualified consultants to help you make sense of it all. This post will delve into how OnX provides the IT solutions your business needs to embrace digital transformation and boost productivity across your digital real estate.

Digital transformation and operational excellence

As an IT solutions company, OnX specializes in solving the most significant IT challenges across industries. Whether a project involves migration to a cloud platform, modernizing mission-critical applications, onboarding or training IT staff, or ongoing managed services, OnX experts will guide you through a thoroughly tested process to solve your unique challenge.. The process begins with a dedicated project manager to guide and coordinate the engineering team and ensure that there is little to no disruption to your daily business. Next, we identify or develop the tools you need to address your company’s specific needs. Our experts monitor the entire process, creating secure backups and managing disaster recovery each step of the way. Clients can access additional support or make requests via our ServiceNow portal, which allows a bird’s eye view of their company’s IT health.

IT solutions company process diagram

Predictive IT business solutions

When you partner with OnX, thorough planning is the standard operating procedure. This planning allows our team to identify likely issues before they occur and to create escalation plans to address problems in near real-time. OnX engineers utilize rich analytics to pinpoint issues by monitoring for slow devices, inappropriate settings, and potential network traffic logjams. We deploy our proprietary algorithm to set up alarms that are triggered under specific circumstances. For example, an alert is sent to on-call engineers when the network reaches predetermined usage thresholds.

Key benefits of partnering with OnX

Partnering with an IT solutions company like OnX unlocks enterprise-wide benefits like:

  • Automated ticketing and alert system.
  • 24x7x365 support dashboard via ServiceNow that allows you to write service requests and incident reports.
  • Management of third-party warranties and support.
  • Monitoring of communications, network health, and third-party vendor services.

Ensuring excellence through meaningful metrics

OnX is committed to ensuring that your company meets its goals through our IT solutions. To track the progress of enterprise objectives, we schedule quarterly reviews to report on predefined growth metrics that measure the overall health of your business’s IT solutions. These metrics assess response times (e.g., wait times, times to escalation, urgent interactions) and the quality of resolved tickets (e.g., closure rate, ticket reopens, etc.).

The OnX quality assurance team determines opportunities to increase efficiencies in our service delivery and makes recommendations based on those findings. Additionally, we strive to stay ahead of our client needs by continuously upgrading and expanding our services and meeting regulatory compliance standards.

OnX is the IT solutions partner for your company

The heart of the OnX model is client-centric service. We help companies innovate by lightening the burden of their IT departments. The expert-developed and -vetted systems and 24x7x365 client service mean that our team can resolve your problems quickly and efficiently. OnX drives success through dedicated project managers and engineers who develop customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Selecting a technology partner is a complicated endeavor. A trusted IT solutions partner for your business must be flexible and highly responsive as you pivot to meet the market demands.

Our dedication to operational excellence is apparent through our:

  • Unparalleled client support, strategy, and planning.
  • Dedicated quality assurance teams.
  • Continuous meaningful metrics monitoring.
  • 24x7x365 access to experts for ongoing technical support.

OnX values collaboration, trust, and leadership. When you combine those priorities with superior IT business solutions, compliance expertise, and knowledge of cutting-edge trends, we are the clear choice to help you meet your organizational goals.

Allow us to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch to schedule a consultation today.