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Make the most of your cloud infrastructure with a data lake solution

Storing and managing data is one of the most significant challenges for modern businesses—especially large corporations. The sheer volume of data most companies must wade through daily has exploded recently. Data flows in from disparate sources such as applications, websites, and IoT devices, each of which may have its own proprietary file type. On-premises (on-prem) storage systems struggle to keep up. Cloud-based data lakes are an emerging solution to these modern data flow issues.

What is a cloud data lake?

A cloud data lake is a storage repository into which data currents can flow. Data lakes combine data from many different sources and collect them into a single depository. A unique feature of cloud data lakes is that the data compiled there can be formally structured or completely unstructured. All types of files can be imported without performing time-consuming conversions. Searchable and fast, data lakes leave on-prem servers in the dust, enabling your team to make data-backed decisions faster.

Once imported into the lake, data can be manipulated in potent ways. Organize data into tailor-made dashboards, define and monitor analytics, and analyze your data in any way you see fit, utilizing AI and machine learning. What’s more, any user with permission can access your cloud data lake from anywhere in the world.

Why adopt a cloud data lake?

The pitfalls of on-prem storage include:

  • Limited accessibility.
  • Constrained storage and computer power due to the local hardware.
  • Time wasted on structuring data.
  • Resources spent managing the database.

Data lakes are much lower maintenance than traditional on-site storage. There is no need to upgrade hardware or storage continually; simply scale the amount of storage you need.

Data, like water, needs to flow to avoid stagnation. Unfortunately, on-site data tends to sit there, collecting metaphorical dust. Valuable insights and business intelligence are locked away, waiting to be brought to the surface. But with a cloud data lake, AI-powered tools generate business insights automatically. Data is a company’s most precious resource, but without a data lake solution, the true value of its data often remains buried.

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Advantages of a managed data lake

Migrating to a cloud data lake adds value in the following ways:

  • Fast setup time: Customers can get started in as few as five minutes.
  • Clean data: Pure data is optimized with metadata and file history during migration.
  • Manipulate and utilize your data in meaningful ways that drive business innovations.
  • Searchable, targeted data delivery is highly accessible from any location.
  • Disaster-proof durability of 11 nines (99.99999999999%).
  • Accurate and timely: Data is pulled every 15 minutes.
  • The system is highly scalable to enable business growth.
  • Pass the efficiency on to end users to boost customer experience and minimize downtime.

Implementing a solution for storing and managing data

OnX Canada begins the migration process by importing the highest-priority data into a cloud-native structure. Utilizing Amazon Web Service (AWS), OnX builds custom scripts to analyze the rich data. In other words, you can begin to see your data from a high level and manipulate it in meaningful ways. Our clients have used cloud data lakes to pool dozens of data streams from various websites, applications, and platforms, giving them the edge in mining their data for valuable insights.  

Cloud data lakes from OnX apply an open structure model. As a principle, our customers own their data completely. They are never locked into a platform or architecture and are not limited by aging on-prem servers. Data is clean and pure, utilizing storage in a serverless environment via AWS Athena. Customers don’t even need to access AWS to access their data but instead use a customized login and dashboard that OnX generates.

As with all things cloud, privacy and security are a priority. Cloud data lakes are permissions driven, meaning no user can view the data without explicit permission. In addition, data is automatically encrypted, adding another defense against cyber criminals. And data durability is outstanding with a cloud data lake. Annual durability reaches 11 nines (meaning 99% to 11 decimal places or 99.99999999999%). To help visualize that, imagine that one billion files are stored in a data lake. With that kind of durability, losing any files would be virtually impossible.

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Why choose OnX for help in managing your data?

Cloud data lakes are endlessly scalable and highly cost-efficient. They are a future-proof data storage solution that is extremely secure and durable. In addition, they allow companies of all sizes to mine their existing data for buried insights and drive innovation via AI-powered toolsets. When implementing a data lake solution, choosing the right partner is critical.

OnX engineers can launch a cloud data lake for your company in minutes. Additionally, they use database best practices during migration to optimize files, encrypt data, and boost search speed and file accessibility. OnX aims to form a true partnership and prioritizes your company’s growth and success at every turn. All solutions are co-managed, allowing your team to stay involved in the deployment and ongoing management.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how a cloud data lake can benefit your business.