OnX Case Studies

Lessons learned From 2018: Patch management remains a challenge

Real-world solution OnX Canada recently aided a client, a national grocery retailer, that serves all 10 Canadian provinces’ food shopping needs. The client acquired a similar large business and needed to realign its organization while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. It was also concerned about upgrading and integrating technology between the businesses and was […]

Case Study: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

With increased computational demand and more users requiring access to the systems, the university saturated their existing server environment and needed a solution that would deliver more computational power and better performance. The university partnered with OnX, an IT solutions integrator, and together designed a solution to meet student and researcher’s needs, enabling them to […]

Case Study: Pediatric hospital needs more data storage

The Impact With the new technology in place, the Hospital experienced significantly improved infrastructure capacity, performance and the added benefit of improved management. This improved their ability to treat patients through every stage of their care, from diagnosis to release. The implementation of the new technology also improved the pediatric service and care that the […]

OnX Case Study: Downsizing; Is it right for you?

The Impact Any cost savings from reduced facilities and management costs would have been negatively offset by the increased cost of telecommunications and production applications between the two provincial sites. OnX understands that sometimes consolidation isn’t advisable if your models are not going to give you maximum value. We want you to maximize your company’s […]

Case Study: Large bank in need of deployment of OCS technology

OnX architects designed, built and deployed a Unified Communications solution to help the bank deploy more effective communication vehicles increasing productivity and reducing costs. End users could integrate the new technology into their day-to-day communication and collaboration processes with ease. By utilizing their consultants within the Professional Services organization, OnX was able to determine that […]

Case Study: Telecommunications giant seeks call centre support

OnX addressed their infrastructure issues by designing an Application Delivery Infrastructure and deploying a Citrix solution for all of their desktops across the country. This allowed the company to house new call centre employees at a faster rate and was significantly more cost-effective. By implementing a utility-based solution that included Hardware, Software and Storage the […]