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Lessons learned From 2018: Patch management remains a challenge

Patch management remains one of the most important IT tasks for organizations in 2019. Without patching and remediation tools, businesses are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Even if a patch is available and can prevent an incident, most organizations lack the IT processes or personnel to stay on top of the latest tools and protect their business. But the good news is that you don’t have to carry the full burden of risk on your own, let’s look at a few possibilities.

Real-world solution

OnX Canada recently aided a client, a national grocery retailer, that serves all 10 Canadian provinces’ food shopping needs. The client acquired a similar large business and needed to realign its organization while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. It was also concerned about upgrading and integrating technology between the businesses and was particularly interested in protecting their endpoints against cyber threats. Many businesses are compromised because they have known vulnerabilities and outdated security patch management. It becomes more difficult to monitor and manage vulnerabilities and patches as viruses grow in sophistication and complexity, and if organizations fall behind on management, systems are susceptible to poor performance and security threats.

The retailer needed a partner to help protect both their data and their business. This provider must be able to quickly and accurately deploy a patch management solution and then monitor and maintain that solution.

Creating a comprehensive patch management program

OnX proposed a fully managed remote patch management service solution that included IBM BigFix Patch. This solution delivers real-time information about a business’ endpoints so security teams can analyze and monitor the data. OnX then uses this information to patch operating systems and third-party software while continually monitoring and managing all endpoints. This gives businesses like the grocery retailer a clearer picture of the patch information, as well as confidence that the solution works 24x7x365 to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

The client noticed significant improvements, and the OnX solution had a better than 98 percent first-pass patch success rate. This increased the effectiveness of the patch process, decreased operational costs, and reduced patch cycle times–all while keeping endpoints secure. The solution also allowed the retailer to focus on the merger while having the peace of mind that its business is protected.

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As cyberattacks become more and more sophisticated in 2019 and beyond, many businesses struggle to keep up with the evolving threat environment. A partner like OnX provides the proven knowledge and experience needed to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. The grocery retailer had the foresight to protect its business with a proven and tested solution before a disaster, and other businesses should take note of their proactive approach. Check out the full case study to learn more about the solutions provided to the grocery retailer here.