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OnX Canadian Cloud Partner

What Canadian Maritime businesses should look for in data protection and managed services solutions provider

OnX has been providing IT solutions to the Maritime Provinces for decades. As an industry leader, we’re sharing our advice for choosing the best cloud and data protection solution provider for your business. Select a provider who understands your individual business needs You want your provider to have extensive experience in both data protection, as […]

migrating to the cloud

Common excuses that stop companies from migrating to the cloud

1. “I’m not sold on the cost savings.” At first glance, reducing costs is one of the most immediate and tangible results from the cloud. You get out of the data center business and pay a predictable monthly fee based on the resources you use. No more buying the whole server rack when you only […]


Calculating the costs of managing your own data center vs. a managed cloud solution

The AWS TCO calculator has four core components: Servers: CPU cores, gigabytes of memory, database engine variety, virtual machines, and VM usage. Storage: raw capacity, storage type, and monthly backup percentage. Network: estimated data bandwidth and peak-average ratio. IT labor: annual salaries and number of VMs per administrator. Every IT organization faces unique challenges, so […]

Managed cloud provider

7 questions you should ask a prospective managed cloud provider

OnX has decades of experience designing, building, and managing cloud-enabled data centers in Canada and North America. That gives us a decided edge in the managed-cloud marketplace. We have learned that prospective customers need to ask at least seven crucial questions of potential managed cloud providers: 1. Do you offer multiple cloud platforms and infrastructures? […]

OnX customer Survey

What we’re learning about our clients through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

OnX Rankings Compare Well So, how did we do? The majority of our clients approve of the job OnX is doing for them. Our NPS is 50.6, which is considered excellent by survey standards. We also scored well above the average score for all industries (44) and for our closest industry, technology/hardware/software (32.5). Regionally, OnX […]