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Simplify mergers and acquisitions by upgrading to cloud networking

Of the many elements involved during mergers, acquisitions (M&As), and divestitures, technology is often a deal breaker. Fortunately, cloud networking provides a reliable solution to many of the challenges of M&As. A majority of M&As fail Research from McKinsey shows that 10% of mergers are called off annually. Additionally, many studies demonstrate that between 70% […]

Enhance developer experience by modernizing your legacy technology

In this blog post, we will outline the core tenets of DevEx, spotlight potential missteps, and explore services that directly support developer experience programs. The importance of DevEx Developer velocity is a term that refers to how fast developers can bring a new product to market or release new iterations of a current product. McKinsey […]

Future-proof business operations with application modernization

Many are turning to application modernization to address the issues caused by overtaxed legacy applications. This process migrates existing applications and software to newer platforms. An example might include a piece of legacy accounting software being updated and uploaded to a cloud platform. The updated application gives employees greater access to the software in remote […]

How app modernization helps businesses stay competitive

Generating a digital transformation strategy that drives results Staying competitive in the digital era means businesses must streamline digital operations to be flexible while constantly improving user experience (UX). App modernization is a core piece of a digital transformation strategy that organizations must adopt to succeed in the modern marketplace. In addition, modernization adds value […]

Embrace new technology innovations with the OnX implementation process

Across industries, companies struggle to maintain on-premises legacy IT systems. The constant upkeep is simply not a good use of IT personnel and budgets in the age of staffing shortages and persistent technological advances. As a result, many forward-thinking organizations are implementing new technology and migrating to the Cloud to optimize technology spending. It’s a […]

SD-WAN delivers better cloud app performance

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN: It’s all about the apps The tremendous rise in cloud application usage has significantly impacted the performance of traditional networks like MPLS (multiprotocol label switching). For many years, MPLS networks have proven reliable for branch offices, but they require costly onsite configuration and management. Since the adoption of cloud-based apps […]

Using digital tools to build the new enterprise

Digital transformation is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor designed to convert the enterprise business model from the rigid, product-oriented functions of the past to a dynamic, flexible, service-based operational model of the future.

Modernize apps and infrastructure, and the processes will follow

Among the top priorities for any digitally driven enterprise is the need to be responsive, resilient and reliable. It won’t be long before even complex services like healthcare and finance can be accessed, and decommissioned, at the swipe of a finger. This means the enterprise will have to be at the forefront in the development […]

Are you ready for SD-WAN?

But it’s important to understand that SD-WAN can do more than just save money, and there’s more than one use-case scenario to consider. Beyond cost savings, SD-WAN can introduce a better cloud-based experience to your organization. SD-WAN enables bandwidth expansion, multiple virtualized network functions and automates branch deployments. This technology allows customers to build resilient […]

Top 5 Issues Enterprises Face in the Digital Workplace

Successful enterprises hope to boost collaboration, document tracking, and remote and mobile accessibility while optimizing the efficiency of their IT infrastructure. If it works right, they get lower TCO and more engaged employees who are happier and increasingly productive. A lot of organizations answer these demands with a blended solution that gives workers powerful tools […]

3 Must-Haves for Adopting Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Add in Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s revenue-sharing model, which gives Salesforce and its clients a strong motivation to work together, and you’ve got one of the most robust eCommerce platforms out there today. But for all this potential, implementing Commerce Cloud can be a complicated undertaking. Doing it right requires: Retailers trying to do all this […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Your eCommerce Platform Reaches End of Life

Marshaling the technologies to address all these challenges is a complex undertaking — especially if you’re a retailer about to move your old eCommerce platform into the exit lane. You have to weigh the competitive environment and choose carefully from a wealth of powerful new eCommerce solutions. Your choice has to fit your budget while […]

Are you connected? The importance of mobile collaboration

These students are rapidly moving through their college experience. What does bringing this expectation of connectivity and mobility to the workforce mean to IT organizations? To attract the kind of talent coming out of major universities today, businesses have to be prepared to provide pervasive availability of information and applications, bringing along with it all […]

The value of expertise

Everything went well and I was proud that I was able to fix such a complicated gear system without having to pay an expensive expert. We had several nice days of boating during July, but on the fourth trip out the engine alarm went off due to overheating. I was dead in the water and […]

Closing the gap between investment and implementation of ITSM solutions

Most ITSM initiatives are doomed to failure before they ever get started. This is because they are launched as a typical IT project with a team of subject matter experts deemed necessary to get the job done. This may be a great approach for a technology project but not the best approach for an ITSM-based […]

High performance trading hardware stack

The solution we brought “engine” was well received and found to be innovative and of great value to all that visited our booth. Although integrated infrastructure stacks is not a new concept, it is a stack that is pre-tested and configured specifically for the purpose of high performance trading that is new to the market […]

Application delivery framework

The Anatomy of an Application An application can be a standalone entity that typically interacts only with the local OS and device (e.g., word processing application), or client-server based with the client part being an installed program or a standard program, such as a web browser. For the client-server based applications there are two separate […]

Vendor agnostic or vendor specialist – Which approach makes sense for you?

So how do you ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck? (Without creating a management nightmare?) To ensure technology leadership, vendors fill out their portfolios through acquisition and internal development – the larger the company the more difficult it is to innovate quickly enough while acquisitions have pitfalls in consolidating toolsets, […]