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Four powerful questions to ask IT staffing partners

Working with an IT staffing firm can ease the burden of the hiring process each step of the way. From recruiting to onboarding to managed services, specialized consultants conform to the needs of your team. OnX Canada IT Staffing and Consulting helps you bridge the talent gap by offering these services and more. With so […]

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How to make your IT workforce as dynamic as your infrastructure

Even as the enterprise struggles to keep up with rapidly changing technology, challenges are also mounting in another key area: finding the right people to manage increasingly dynamic and automated workflows. So how do you build an IT workforce that is as agile as your enterprise infrastructure?

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Team management: The new priority for today’s CIO

Coordination is Key The CIO’s world, then, is moving toward higher-level strategic planning and policy development, as well as coordinating the activities of IT staff, contractors, supply chains, and processes. This shift also translates into a new set of metrics on which CIO performance is evaluated. It is no longer enough to simply make sure […]

OnX IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

Let’s discuss two reasons why recruiters play a key role in the IT industry that AI simply cannot match. 1) Recruiters are able to connect with people on a personal level. At its most basic, recruiting is about developing relationships. A relationship not only with the client–but with prospective IT professionals to fill that client’s […]

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]

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OnX OnDemand Consulting – Innovation in IT resource augmentation

Option A is using a Staffing agency. They are fast and cheap but they don’t deliver consistent quality and thus they are considered high risk. Option B is using a Global Solution Provider. They are deliver high quality with lower risk but are very expensive making them an unattractive option where there is cost sensitivity […]

Don’t guess your storage – assess!

Don’t guess your storage – assess!

However, tools are the supporting actor in the story. The starring role is the talented and experienced engineer running the tools, asking the questions and driving the assessment. In my opinion there will never be a replacement for a talented mind and keen insight in to a problem. Let me be the first to say […]

Who’s your DADI?

Who’s your DADI?

And have power, cooling and space finally caught up with them?  To address these issues, traditional server and application consolidation continue to head the list as IDC top priorities for 2012. These priorities will force the CIO to choose a “Strategic Platform” to run the new environment on as you head into the future. And […]