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3 Steps to transforming your business with Unified Communications

Because of this complexity, it makes sense that your business partner with an experienced UCaaS provider to ensure that the migration goes smoothly and that the new technology is managed properly after the UCaaS has gone online. Migrating to a UCaaS system consists of three steps: Step 1: Audit of the current communication system When […]

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]

SD-WAN: Rethinking enterprise networks for Canada’s distributed, mobile workforce

The movement from conventional WAN to SD-WAN technology The exponential rise in cloud-based application use during the past few years has impacted the performance of the conventional enterprise WAN. With the bandwidth requirements of today’s cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot, and Salesforce, along with a significant portion of the compute and storage […]

The CIO’s guide to finding your perfect fit for cloud computing

Public Private Hybrid Economical Flexible Global options Greater Control In-country Tighter security Most flexible Costs, speed, and security optimized for best business results Choosing your cloud environment starts with your business objectives, compliance needs, and current IT operations. Workloads and applications perform differently depending on the cloud platform you prefer. So, you have to map […]

OnX is now a part of the CBTS family.

OnX is Now a CBTS Company — What Does This Mean for You?

So, what does this mean for you? This is great news for both companies’ clients, partners, and employees, who will all benefit from our combined full-service IT solutions portfolio. In the short term, both companies will continue to operate under our existing names, offering an enhanced portfolio of IT solutions and services. CBTS and OnX […]

3 Essential Steps for Disaster Recovery Testing

Avoidance and procrastination are not good options — especially in an age of high-profile cyberattacks. DR programs have to be tested to work out the kinks and discover unanticipated problems. Taking these three steps will help your company get serious about disaster recovery testing: Step 1. Create a culture of testing Start with the assumption […]

IT Security Patching and Vulnerability Management

How best to optimize your IT security patching? It can be useful to first break down patches between those that address functionality or incorrect code in an application/OS, and those which address security. The first requires an understanding of how the applications and operating systems work in concert and, therefore, what new code enhancements may […]

Traditional Backups are not for IT Disaster Recovery

CREDIT UNION GOES TO MANAGED CLOUD FOR TIGHTER SECURITY AND ZERO DATA FOOTPRINT Read the Case Study I like to look at an IT disaster recovery model like the OSI model for networking. At the bottom of the model layers 1-3 would be traditional backups. The middle layers 4-5 would be storage array replication. This […]

Succeed with Every IT Disaster Recovery and Business Recovery Test / Exercise

What IS surprising? Why such mature elements, like IT disaster recovery and business continuity, that are so critical to the continuity of business operations and revenues – and in some instances the overall survival of the business – are in such a sorry state? There are not volumes written on these topics which you can […]

Simple Steps to Secure Applications in the Cloud

Deploy the application to the users Let’s start with a web application deployed on a single virtual instance. Most cloud providers will auto assign a public IP from a shared pool. Traffic to these IPs are considered unfiltered without any logical isolation of traffic. Firewalls and Filtering Depending on your cloud provider the features provided […]

Refresh Your Oracle Skills with OnX

There will also be a COUG “Show and Tell” by Apex Expert Tony Jenlinski on “Go from Spreadsheet to Multi-user Responsive App in Less Than 10 Minutes with Oracle APEX 5.0”. Read more about this event or register today.

EMC Isilon scale-out has massive key advantages.

EMC Isilon scale-out Data Lake further extends its leadership as an ideal platform to store, manage and protect unstructured data efficiently while supporting a wide range of applications and workloads. Key advantages of EMC Isilon include: Together, OnX and EMC provide scaled-out storage, a unified analytics platform and development tools that make a massive difference […]

OpenStack is NOT an Enterprise Cloud Platform

Imagine if the auto industry had an “Open Automotive Foundation” that gave you access to all of the tools and secrets for building a car. And what if that foundation released an “Open Car Framework,” with the design templates, hardware specs and free software to build your own new car platform? Wouldn’t you choose to build a custom […]

Why data is the backbone of population health management

Set Long-term Goals for Managing and Analyzing Data in Real Time Once your organization has agreed upon the ultimate goals for transforming care under the population health management model, you’ll need to answer a few key questions about data: What data do we need? Where is this data? How should it be collected? How should […]

And then there was hyper-convergence

HC market is heating up, and so is competitive pressure. Leaders in the HC space, dedicated HC vendors, Nutanix (Virtual Compute Platform) and SimpliVity (OmniCube), continue to release more capable HC platforms, while also enabling  customer adoption of their software through other compute vendors’ hardware (Nutanix with Dell, SimpliVity with Cisco). We have recently seen […]

HIMSS 15 recap: Transforming the business of healthcare

  One of the keys to making the volume-to-value-based transition is an organization’s ability to use their data to make decisions. For years, healthcare organizations have been leveraging data warehouse technologies using structured data for retrospective decision making. The challenge now is incorporating unstructured, semi-structured, and machine generated data – like nursing and physician notes, written […]

We're honored.

IBM honors OnX with top award

“On behalf of IBM, I am pleased to recognize OnX Enterprise Solutions for their overall revenue growth year-to-year, investment in transformation aligned with cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security as a differentiator and their emphasis on driving new skills and commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Tami Duncan, Vice President, IMB North American Channels. We are […]

Good management goes a long way in the hybrid cloud

Managing a heterogeneous hybrid cloud environment requires a different set of tools than those designed only for on-prem resources. While the vCloud Suite should continue to function as the foundation of your private cloud, a solution like vRealize Suite is necessary to provide unified management capabilities as you extend your datacenter to the public cloud.  […]

Data rush: Part 1

At the core, we are in the middle of a transformation in the way users access data and this change is really challenging Database Administrators, such as Scott, in ways that they never imagined. I used to a manage a team right in the middle of this change and I speak from experience when I […]

Versions of truth in data analytics

I know that many of us have strong opinions regarding politicians. But sometimes I wonder if we are guilty of similar behavior. We all use techniques to achieve a favorable outcome, without the risk of being called an outright liar. We use these techniques everyday with clients, coworkers and even family members. Modern era of […]

OnDemand data access

Numerous times I have been a part of customer meetings having long and stressful discussions around storage space and the related costs just because users find creative reasons to keep their data forever, just in case they need to access it at some point. At times I think it stems from the nightmares of legacy […]

What are YOUR stages of VDI opinion?

Stage 2 – Denial But wait… We need to buy so much extra VDI software, servers and storage hardware. Plus, what about our heavy graphics applications, old homegrown software and user experience? Forget about it! This looks too expensive and there are too many unknowns here. Stage 3 – Cautious acceptance Okay… It looks like […]

High performance trading hardware stack

The solution we brought “engine” was well received and found to be innovative and of great value to all that visited our booth. Although integrated infrastructure stacks is not a new concept, it is a stack that is pre-tested and configured specifically for the purpose of high performance trading that is new to the market […]

OnX and technology consortium announce new members

Through mid-June, 1.0 tests will now be conducted on FIX engines, from the new members with additional 1.1 testing at the infrastructure layers of NIC, switch, CPU and server. Starting in late June and continuing through Q4 2012, the functional scope of testing will be extended as 2.0 designs from Etrading Software, which will focus […]

Partnering for your HEALTH

The strategic relationships of the OnX Healthcare Practice are positioned to be responsive to current healthcare industry demands. Challenged by fiscal constraints, increased service demand, data requirements and consumer expectations, the Healthcare Practice remains focused on client solutions that will improve operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. In response, OnX forged a strategic partnership with MEDSEEK […]

Enterprise UNIX – How it became the strategic platform of choice

In the late 1997, for example, UNIX was just coming in to its own, LINUX still have the moniker of the new guy on the block, and the big two vendors in the business space were SUN and HP, with their SOLARIS and HP-UX offerings. UNIX adoption was assisted by the fast growing adoption of […]

Cloud rumblings from Canada

OnX has recently provisioned clients onto our Federated Cloud platform and in several cases the clients were launching new applications and didn’t really know what kind of capacity they were going to require and didn’t want to deploy a large dedicated hardware environment, so the cloud was a perfect solution.  In two cases we had […]

In the ball park

These are things to think about before you get to the type of environment that has hundreds and hundreds of hosts, and thousands of guests, across multiple hypervisors.  Are you even in the ballpark when it comes to best practices, measuring performance and security? As a specific example, let’s talk about security. Most shops spend […]

How to keep up with data recovery requirements

In order to meet the required performance and availability data access services expected within production environments, enterprise cloud services’ providers will extend a portion of their storage cloud service assets on the client’s premises for handling both active data sets and connecting data replication technologies to their offsite clouds in order to meet geographic requirements […]

Canadian blood services

“Having our data backed up and available at all times is critical to our operations,” says Ivo Mokros, Director of IT Operations and Chief Architect at Canadian Blood Services. “We can’t function if we don’t have access to the records relating to our supply. The data we store also needs to be very secure. We […]

Case Study: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

With increased computational demand and more users requiring access to the systems, the university saturated their existing server environment and needed a solution that would deliver more computational power and better performance. The university partnered with OnX, an IT solutions integrator, and together designed a solution to meet student and researcher’s needs, enabling them to […]

Case Study: Pediatric hospital needs more data storage

The Impact With the new technology in place, the Hospital experienced significantly improved infrastructure capacity, performance and the added benefit of improved management. This improved their ability to treat patients through every stage of their care, from diagnosis to release. The implementation of the new technology also improved the pediatric service and care that the […]

OnX Case Study: Downsizing; Is it right for you?

The Impact Any cost savings from reduced facilities and management costs would have been negatively offset by the increased cost of telecommunications and production applications between the two provincial sites. OnX understands that sometimes consolidation isn’t advisable if your models are not going to give you maximum value. We want you to maximize your company’s […]

Why consider Cisco UCS for hosting your XenDesktop cloud?

Improved ROI Historically, the component on blade servers that has most limited the number of virtual desktops you can run has been the amount of RAM. The UCS B250 blades support up to 384 GB of memory (or if you are reducing cost you can use 4GB chips instead of 8GB for a total of […]

Vendor agnostic or vendor specialist – Which approach makes sense for you?

So how do you ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck? (Without creating a management nightmare?) To ensure technology leadership, vendors fill out their portfolios through acquisition and internal development – the larger the company the more difficult it is to innovate quickly enough while acquisitions have pitfalls in consolidating toolsets, […]

Case Study: Large bank in need of deployment of OCS technology

OnX architects designed, built and deployed a Unified Communications solution to help the bank deploy more effective communication vehicles increasing productivity and reducing costs. End users could integrate the new technology into their day-to-day communication and collaboration processes with ease. By utilizing their consultants within the Professional Services organization, OnX was able to determine that […]

Case Study: Telecommunications giant seeks call centre support

OnX addressed their infrastructure issues by designing an Application Delivery Infrastructure and deploying a Citrix solution for all of their desktops across the country. This allowed the company to house new call centre employees at a faster rate and was significantly more cost-effective. By implementing a utility-based solution that included Hardware, Software and Storage the […]