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Case Study: Large bank in need of deployment of OCS technology

A large financial institution made a significant investment in Office Communication Server (OCS) and was looking for a resource to encourage their end-users to adopt the new technology. They were in need of a custom-designed, architected and deployed Unified Communications Solution protected the services both locally with a high availability architecture and between data centres with advanced disaster recovery capabilities.

When banks are concerned the bottom line is always a main priority, so OnX had to provide a rapid response and a cost-effective solution.  OnX answered the call with a cost-effective solution with advanced administrative training and knowledge transfer strategies.

OnX architects designed, built and deployed a Unified Communications solution to help the bank deploy more effective communication vehicles increasing productivity and reducing costs. End users could integrate the new technology into their day-to-day communication and collaboration processes with ease.

By utilizing their consultants within the Professional Services organization, OnX was able to determine that on-site project managers were required to handle the administrative queries and troubleshooting.

The client was thrilled with OnX’s execution of the project. OnX helped to improve the overall communications and collaboration for the financial institution.

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