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Penetration testing vs vulnerability assessments: Exploring differences and use cases

The OnX Canada security team routinely gets these questions from our clients regarding cybersecurity testing tools: On the surface, these two services seem similar. Even cybersecurity professionals can be confused by the nuances between the two tests. Both tests serve to enhance the overall security fabric of an organization. This post will explore the differences […]

AI technology amplifies IT efficiency and customer experience

A recent report from Accenture showed that 43% of customer service agents often have a queue of 100 or more tickets. AIOps provides valuable insight when managing complicated data architectures and networks.k While many fear the availability of AI will eliminate jobs, AIOps is a powerful set of tools that help existing IT personnel to […]

The transformative power of cloud computing for healthcare

Healthcare providers have relied heavily on MPLS systems in the past. However, legacy MPLS networks can no longer maintain the speeds and efficiency demanded by modern networking. In addition, the maintenance and upkeep of these systems require a lot of operational resources. Security is another area of grave concern because patient data is extremely sensitive. […]

OnX Canada boosts productivity as best-in-class IT solutions company

For over three decades, OnX has garnered a reputation as a best-in-class IT solutions provider. OnX has broad proficiency in providing business IT solutions across the technology landscape. Our IT solutions for companies of all sizes include cloud migration and management, various Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, communications system upgrades, and a host of […]

Four powerful questions to ask IT staffing partners

Working with an IT staffing firm can ease the burden of the hiring process each step of the way. From recruiting to onboarding to managed services, specialized consultants conform to the needs of your team. OnX Canada IT Staffing and Consulting helps you bridge the talent gap by offering these services and more. With so […]

How to make your IT workforce as dynamic as your infrastructure

Even as the enterprise struggles to keep up with rapidly changing technology, challenges are also mounting in another key area: finding the right people to manage increasingly dynamic and automated workflows. So how do you build an IT workforce that is as agile as your enterprise infrastructure?

What does it mean to be a vendor of record for the Canadian Government?

Add to this the significant security challenges faced by the government and the need to properly vet any and all contractors, and it’s little wonder that public agencies can struggle to remain digitally relevant in how they serve their constituents. Experienced guidance As a vendor of record (VOR) for Government, OnX Canada knows better than […]

In response to COVID-19 now is the time to build a Cyber Risk Program – Learn how

According to IDC (Source – Worldwide CISO Influence Survey 2018), business leaders and CISOs view information security as vital to competitiveness of products and services while protecting the interests of their customers. Areas an Enterprise Cyber Risk Program should cover When an organization promises to deliver the value of digital business to customers, it’s often […]

SD-WAN delivers better cloud app performance

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN: It’s all about the apps The tremendous rise in cloud application usage has significantly impacted the performance of traditional networks like MPLS (multiprotocol label switching). For many years, MPLS networks have proven reliable for branch offices, but they require costly onsite configuration and management. Since the adoption of cloud-based apps […]

Using digital tools to build the new enterprise

Digital transformation is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor designed to convert the enterprise business model from the rigid, product-oriented functions of the past to a dynamic, flexible, service-based operational model of the future.

Building a better network to empower Canada’s mobile workforce

Together, OnX Canada and VeloCloud networking experts are traveling across Canada to meet with IT leaders at CIO Summit and Executive Briefing events to discuss the advantages of SD-WAN over the conventional enterprise WAN. During these meetings, we’ve learned from CIOs about the level of expectations within their organizations, and we use our collective expertise […]

IT Security: ways to win the cyberwar

Think like an attacker It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to dealing with cyberattacks. To stay one step ahead, many IT Security Specialists can try to take on the mindset of an attacker. If the attacker’s motive is financial gain, what systems would they attempt to exploit? What if the […]

Lessons learned From 2018: Patch management remains a challenge

Real-world solution OnX Canada recently aided a client, a national grocery retailer, that serves all 10 Canadian provinces’ food shopping needs. The client acquired a similar large business and needed to realign its organization while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. It was also concerned about upgrading and integrating technology between the businesses and was […]

IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

Let’s discuss two reasons why recruiters play a key role in the IT industry that AI simply cannot match. 1) Recruiters are able to connect with people on a personal level. At its most basic, recruiting is about developing relationships. A relationship not only with the client–but with prospective IT professionals to fill that client’s […]

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]

OnX shows: Intel Optane SSDs more than double SDS cache performance

In a standard SDS node configuration, traditional HDDs are sufficient for the storage tier, while the caching tier consists of higher speed SSDs. This is fine for moderate workloads such as branch office applications and basic VDI deployments, but it’s less suited for high-demand environments. Accelerating the cache tier with Intel Optane SSDs Now, Intel […]

Refresh Your Oracle Skills with OnX

There will also be a COUG “Show and Tell” by Apex Expert Tony Jenlinski on “Go from Spreadsheet to Multi-user Responsive App in Less Than 10 Minutes with Oracle APEX 5.0”. Read more about this event or register today.

Thoughts of Peace (& Successful Oracle 12c Migrations) in 2016

Speaking of the Oracle Database community… We will be gathering with colleagues and clients during upcoming conferences including the Hotsos Symposium 2016 this coming March in Dallas, followed closely by a Las Vegas conference, COLLABORATE16, in April. If you’ve been tasked with gathering information and resources about Oracle 12c, these conferences are great places to […]

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You can’t take IT with you when you go. Or can you?

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business With the evolution of the Internet, the Cloud, and the required mobility of business critical applications, all facets of the healthcare enterprise are entrenched in the world of IT. This transformation has been dubbed by the IT industry as the “New Style of Business.” In fact, as we […]

Why “it depends” with storage

Helping clients succeed So, why does it seem that I’m not committed to educating my customers about these new technologies? Don’t I care about my clients’ issues the way that vendors do? After all, vendors aren’t shy about expressing passion and enthusiasm for their products by emphasizing all the features and benefits. Actually, I care […]

Benefits of storage consolidation

Spinning Media vs. Solid State Drives In order to address this issue, the size of disk drives has continued to grow for both spinning media and the newer solid state devices. Although spinning media is significantly slower than its solid state counterpart, it has grown to single drive capacities of 10 TB. At the same […]

And then there was hyper-convergence

HC market is heating up, and so is competitive pressure. Leaders in the HC space, dedicated HC vendors, Nutanix (Virtual Compute Platform) and SimpliVity (OmniCube), continue to release more capable HC platforms, while also enabling  customer adoption of their software through other compute vendors’ hardware (Nutanix with Dell, SimpliVity with Cisco). We have recently seen […]

The value of expertise

Everything went well and I was proud that I was able to fix such a complicated gear system without having to pay an expensive expert. We had several nice days of boating during July, but on the fourth trip out the engine alarm went off due to overheating. I was dead in the water and […]

Data rush: Part 1

At the core, we are in the middle of a transformation in the way users access data and this change is really challenging Database Administrators, such as Scott, in ways that they never imagined. I used to a manage a team right in the middle of this change and I speak from experience when I […]

SSD is so 2013…

Three of the systems use a similar approach – this is the NV-DIMM sold by Cypress Semiconductor’s AGIGA, Viking Technology and Micron Technology. All three have created blends of DRAM and flash memory. Essentially they added flash memory as a backup to the DRAM on a DIMM. If the server loses power there is a […]

Now where did I put that flash?

Why am I focusing on storage? Let’s take a brief look at what is happening in the typical data center: A 2.0 GHz CPU clock cycle is roughly 0.5 nanoseconds (ns) Memory latency ranges from 50 ns to 200 ns Average latency to a storage array is 5 milliseconds (ms) If we change the scale […]

Critical transitions

  If you look around the data centers today you will find less mainframes and proprietary UNIX systems, but the requirements have not changed. The primary driver of this change is financial in nature, however, the manufacturers of the x86 processors have made significant investments to bring many of the RAS (reliability, availability and scalability) features […]

Flash technology for the enterprise

Solid State Disk (SSD) SSD’s have been around for several years and are one of the easiest forms to implement. Many servers and storage systems allow for hot swap and most SSD’s can therefore be swapped into a live system. SSD uses flash memory packaged into a 2.5″ or 3.5″ enclosure along with a controller […]

Vendor agnostic or vendor specialist – Which approach makes sense for you?

So how do you ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck? (Without creating a management nightmare?) To ensure technology leadership, vendors fill out their portfolios through acquisition and internal development – the larger the company the more difficult it is to innovate quickly enough while acquisitions have pitfalls in consolidating toolsets, […]