IT Security: ways to win the cyberwar

Think like an attacker It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to dealing with cyberattacks. To stay one step ahead, many IT Security Specialists can try to take on the mindset of an attacker. If the attacker’s motive is financial gain, what systems would they attempt to exploit? What if the […]

OnX Cloud Grocery Retailer Blog

Lessons learned From 2018: Patch management remains a challenge

Real-world solution OnX Canada recently aided a client, a national grocery retailer, that serves all 10 Canadian provinces’ food shopping needs. The client acquired a similar large business and needed to realign its organization while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. It was also concerned about upgrading and integrating technology between the businesses and was […]

OnX Cisco Master of Security Certification

OnX awarded Cisco Master of Security Certification

To achieve the Cisco Master of Security Certification, OnX team members had to show their exact understanding of individual Cisco security practices, as well as demonstrate a deep understanding of how those practices should function as a cohesive set of solutions. The OnX team also had to showcase current examples of successful projects in which […]

Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Why Your Security Program Must Include Proactive Zero-Day Defense Protection

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) published by Symantec in April of 2017, notes that the number of malware variants has risen to 357 million different strains. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly one malware strain per 21 people or roughly one strain for every person online. The real problem is one of scope; […]

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware Attacks: Protecting Your Business from Becoming a Statistic

This particular ransomware strain, although hitting numerous hospitals in the UK and many other organizations across the world had a kill switch. The ransomware would attempt to connect to a domain with a very long and complex name, if the domain was _not_ live, the ransomware proceeded to encrypt all files. If the domain _was_ […]

Why intrusion detection does not go far enough

Why Intrusion Detection Does Not Go Far Enough

Intrusion Detection Is Not A Cure-All A ransomware attack in early 2016 dubbed “SamSam” was so severe — and, frankly, frightening — that the FBI sent out an alert to watch out for it. The problem was hackers discovered a huge security hole in a popular piece of open-source networking software and used it to […]

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Keeping Intruders Out of Your Web Apps

Understand the Key Web App Attack Vectors Start by familiarizing yourself with hackers’ favorite ways into apps, such as: SQL injections Cross-site scripting (XSS) Denial of service (DoS) attacks There are many more, of course, and new ones are being dreamed up every day. Make sure your security team stays abreast of all of these […]

5 Top IT Manager Concerns Addressed by a Security Intelligence Appliance

5 Top IT Manager Concerns Addressed by a Security Intelligence Appliance

So after completing your research, if you decide Splunk Enterprise Security is the right solution, then you must determine how to get Splunk up and running quickly with the limited time available from your IT staff? Enter the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance. OnX has developed the appliance in partnership with Splunk and Cisco to address […]

The object of storage

The object of storage

The History of Object Storage Object storage was a redundant and scalable storage system that provided a generalized data container with an index and metadata layers for the objects. Objects stored in the system were accessed via the index, and information pertaining to these objects was contained in the metadata. Files of all types and sizes could be […]

Partnering for your HEALTH

Partnering for your HEALTH

The strategic relationships of the OnX Healthcare Practice are positioned to be responsive to current healthcare industry demands. Challenged by fiscal constraints, increased service demand, data requirements and consumer expectations, the Healthcare Practice remains focused on client solutions that will improve operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. In response, OnX forged a strategic partnership with MEDSEEK […]

In the ball park

In the ball park

These are things to think about before you get to the type of environment that has hundreds and hundreds of hosts, and thousands of guests, across multiple hypervisors.  Are you even in the ballpark when it comes to best practices, measuring performance and security? As a specific example, let’s talk about security. Most shops spend […]



Personal preferences for Apple IOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows-based devices are driving consumer devices into the corporate networks and create device management and data security concerns. Home offices, the desire to have the newest devices on the market, tablets, netbooks, and smartphone preferences all cause a need for organizations to create a “BYOD policy”. […]