Managed Services

Strategies for secure cloud migration with AWS managed services

Many companies have already adopted some of AWS’s numerous cloud service offerings. The challenge for most organizations will be not in adoption, but in streamlining AWS to adapt to existing workflows. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with 80+ unique certifications, the OnX team is profoundly qualified to ensure successful migration projects and cloud-native workloads. […]

Unburden your IT department with app management services

App management services in a nutshell Outsourcing is a cost-efficient method of saving time and keeping up with competitors. However, an enterprise should seek providers with the specific expertise and understanding of customer expectations and technology vendor resources. App management services fulfill this need by providing highly scalable, available, and efficient application capabilities. While cutting […]

Managed application services vs. staff augmentation: Which is best for your company?

At first glance, application management services (AMS) might seem overly complicated, but AMS offers a practical, long-term alternative to IT staff augmentation. In contrast, application management services (AMS or managed application services) shift from the task-based, hourly model of staff augmentation to an outcome-based model. AMS firms create service-level agreements (SLAs) based on the specific […]

Nine advantages of a managed cloud environment from OnX

A third-party managed service provider does not supplant your IT department but transforms every department and adds value throughout your organization. It can also lead to a vital partnership that lets your team shift its focus to innovation. This blog will review the benefits of a managed cloud environment. 1. Cost efficiency Managed cloud saves […]

Five trusted paths to application modernization and their benefits

Initially, application modernization appears to be another item to add to IT’s already substantial list of projects. However, application modernization is a solution that shifts organizational priorities from putting out fires to focusing on mission-critical objectives through cloud computing. Each method of application modernization has its own benefits and quirks. Choosing the proper approach for […]

IT Modernization for Canadian government agencies

Key advantages of IT modernization for government Governments worldwide are realizing the advantages of IT modernization through cloud technology. Those benefits include: Cost efficiency and predictable costs. Secure backups and disaster recovery. Continuous access to state-of-the-art technology through cloud providers. High scalability. Modernizing aging legacy applications. Faster deployment of new applications and systems. Advanced security […]

Four powerful questions to ask IT staffing partners

Working with an IT staffing firm can ease the burden of the hiring process each step of the way. From recruiting to onboarding to managed services, specialized consultants conform to the needs of your team. OnX Canada IT Staffing and Consulting helps you bridge the talent gap by offering these services and more. With so […]

Why Move your IBM iSeries to the Cloud?

Despite organizations’ familiarity with the IBM iSeries, legacy on-premises platforms pose some significant challenges, including: When you partner with an iSeries hosting and managed service provider, you can move your iSeries systems to the cloud where they can be proactively monitored, managed, and backed up. A qualified service provider will also help you develop a […]

SD-WAN delivers better cloud app performance

Moving from MPLS to SD-WAN: It’s all about the apps The tremendous rise in cloud application usage has significantly impacted the performance of traditional networks like MPLS (multiprotocol label switching). For many years, MPLS networks have proven reliable for branch offices, but they require costly onsite configuration and management. Since the adoption of cloud-based apps […]

Building a better network to empower Canada’s mobile workforce

Together, OnX Canada and VeloCloud networking experts are traveling across Canada to meet with IT leaders at CIO Summit and Executive Briefing events to discuss the advantages of SD-WAN over the conventional enterprise WAN. During these meetings, we’ve learned from CIOs about the level of expectations within their organizations, and we use our collective expertise […]

Managed Disaster Recovery using Microsoft Azure

Take the case of a large Canadian privately-owned passenger transportation company. The transportation service provider is a long-time OnX Canada client, which is why they turned to us when it came time to streamline their DR infrastructure that supports more than 4,000 employees in four operating divisions located at numerous sites across Canada. Serious challenges […]

What’s the ROI of owning a data center vs. managed cloud services?

Budget constraints Embracing new technologies and changing behavior always comes with an initial cost. Some companies are hesitant to believe that they need new technology when their old technology has served them well in the past. Therefore, they do not think they will get a positive ROI from migrating to the cloud. However, this is […]

Lessons learned From 2018: Patch management remains a challenge

Real-world solution OnX Canada recently aided a client, a national grocery retailer, that serves all 10 Canadian provinces’ food shopping needs. The client acquired a similar large business and needed to realign its organization while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. It was also concerned about upgrading and integrating technology between the businesses and was […]

IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

Let’s discuss two reasons why recruiters play a key role in the IT industry that AI simply cannot match. 1) Recruiters are able to connect with people on a personal level. At its most basic, recruiting is about developing relationships. A relationship not only with the client–but with prospective IT professionals to fill that client’s […]

3 Steps to transforming your business with Unified Communications

Because of this complexity, it makes sense that your business partner with an experienced UCaaS provider to ensure that the migration goes smoothly and that the new technology is managed properly after the UCaaS has gone online. Migrating to a UCaaS system consists of three steps: Step 1: Audit of the current communication system When […]

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]

SD-WAN: Rethinking enterprise networks for Canada’s distributed, mobile workforce

The movement from conventional WAN to SD-WAN technology The exponential rise in cloud-based application use during the past few years has impacted the performance of the conventional enterprise WAN. With the bandwidth requirements of today’s cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot, and Salesforce, along with a significant portion of the compute and storage […]

4 Steps to Accelerate Your Azure Deployment: Fast Track

Speed is another of the core attractions of the Azure cloud because operations can be standardized and you don’t have to buy and install hardware. In theory, transitioning to Azure is a speedy process. In reality, making the transition to Azure can be long and tedious if you don’t think everything through. For more information, […]

Setting your 2017 IT strategy…in dual speed

Level One of Dual-Speed IT involves a continuous, steady acceleration to support the stability of the organization and operational needs of the core business. This level is internally focused – the traditional enterprise IT that companies like OnX have worked with for many years, designing systems that promote scale and provide availability for their mission […]

5 Top IT Manager Concerns Addressed by a Security Intelligence Appliance

So after completing your research, if you decide Splunk Enterprise Security is the right solution, then you must determine how to get Splunk up and running quickly with the limited time available from your IT staff? Enter the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance. OnX has developed the appliance in partnership with Splunk and Cisco to address […]

IT Security Patching and Vulnerability Management

How best to optimize your IT security patching? It can be useful to first break down patches between those that address functionality or incorrect code in an application/OS, and those which address security. The first requires an understanding of how the applications and operating systems work in concert and, therefore, what new code enhancements may […]

Traditional Backups are not for IT Disaster Recovery

CREDIT UNION GOES TO MANAGED CLOUD FOR TIGHTER SECURITY AND ZERO DATA FOOTPRINT Read the Case Study I like to look at an IT disaster recovery model like the OSI model for networking. At the bottom of the model layers 1-3 would be traditional backups. The middle layers 4-5 would be storage array replication. This […]

Succeed with Every IT Disaster Recovery and Business Recovery Test / Exercise

What IS surprising? Why such mature elements, like IT disaster recovery and business continuity, that are so critical to the continuity of business operations and revenues – and in some instances the overall survival of the business – are in such a sorry state? There are not volumes written on these topics which you can […]

Simple Steps to Secure Applications in the Cloud

Deploy the application to the users Let’s start with a web application deployed on a single virtual instance. Most cloud providers will auto assign a public IP from a shared pool. Traffic to these IPs are considered unfiltered without any logical isolation of traffic. Firewalls and Filtering Depending on your cloud provider the features provided […]

Serving the Connecting Customer Will Require Big Data Solutions

2014 is a year where we saw an organizational shift—where  companies moved towards being ‘always on’ to serve the connected customer. With the proliferation of mobile devices and content delivery portals, it should not be surprising the year also saw escalated efforts by companies to connect with that consumer. As the needs of businesses and […]

EMC Isilon scale-out has massive key advantages.

EMC Isilon scale-out Data Lake further extends its leadership as an ideal platform to store, manage and protect unstructured data efficiently while supporting a wide range of applications and workloads. Key advantages of EMC Isilon include: Together, OnX and EMC provide scaled-out storage, a unified analytics platform and development tools that make a massive difference […]

Why data is the backbone of population health management

Set Long-term Goals for Managing and Analyzing Data in Real Time Once your organization has agreed upon the ultimate goals for transforming care under the population health management model, you’ll need to answer a few key questions about data: What data do we need? Where is this data? How should it be collected? How should […]

HIMSS 15 recap: Transforming the business of healthcare

  One of the keys to making the volume-to-value-based transition is an organization’s ability to use their data to make decisions. For years, healthcare organizations have been leveraging data warehouse technologies using structured data for retrospective decision making. The challenge now is incorporating unstructured, semi-structured, and machine generated data – like nursing and physician notes, written […]

The value of expertise

Everything went well and I was proud that I was able to fix such a complicated gear system without having to pay an expensive expert. We had several nice days of boating during July, but on the fourth trip out the engine alarm went off due to overheating. I was dead in the water and […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This change is also driving change in the governance structure of the IT organizations I meet with. CIO’s are looking for IT Service Management experience in their employees and partners. There’s more time spent on the relationship with a supplier instead of just commodity pricing. Governance meetings are driven by metrics and dashboards, not change […]

Everyone loves to hate – BackUps

Disk-based backups bring new performance potential to a backup environment.  Tape-based backups are not only limited by the speed of the tape, but in many ways they are limited by the capabilities of the media itself.  The IT staff has had to juggle between “multiplexing” multiple jobs to a tape to reduce the backup window […]

The tall order for data storage

So what can these managers do to get a handle on the situation and create an environment that not only supports the issues of today but provides for future growth and requirements? OnX has developed a process for doing just this! It is a four stage process that can transform the storage environment from what […]

Canadian blood services

“Having our data backed up and available at all times is critical to our operations,” says Ivo Mokros, Director of IT Operations and Chief Architect at Canadian Blood Services. “We can’t function if we don’t have access to the records relating to our supply. The data we store also needs to be very secure. We […]