Transforming the digital workplace with AI

The emerging role of AI in the digital workplace Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the digital world. AI impacts every sector and department within a company—doubly so for organizations with hybrid work environments. AI is a locus of innovation within the digital workplace. AI improves productivity and generates improved user experience by […]

Three essential pillars of contact center security best practices

The contact center world has undergone significant changes due to the rise of hybrid working models. Now, administrators have to oversee agents across the globe, utilizing new methods of reaching customers through voice, chat, instant messaging, video, and SMS messaging. With this new way of working, administrators benefitting from increased efficiency must also contend with […]

What is SD-WAN?

Adopting a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) has become critical to modern business operations. This architecture ensures network safety and security even in remote environments, allows IT managers to virtualize their network, simplifies the delivery of services, and far more. However, organizations still relying on legacy networks may be hesitant to switch to a newer […]

Elevate user experience with a cloud contact center

Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape forces organizations to constantly seek new ways to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Cloud contact centers are transformational solutions that streamline communications and collaboration, empowering agents to deliver exceptional support. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) helps organizations elevate communications without substantial investments in new infrastructure using serviced-based cloud […]

Unlock the full benefits of UCaaS solutions with optimized security

With the growth of the digital workplace, the need for streamlined collaboration and communication tools with integrated security has grown exponentially. Protect yourself against risk with the proper deployment and management of UCaaS tools. The current state of security in the digital workplace Hybrid and remote work are now permanent fixtures. Organizations that have returned […]

CXsync offers powerful contact center solutions for enterprise businesses

CXsync was created to address these challenges and to provide enterprise-level contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes. A hosted Contact Center as a Service solution, CXsync combines three core technologies into a seamless platform: By utilizing cloud technology, CXsync offers advanced features and functionality that would otherwise be unaffordable to small businesses. In […]

A seven-step process for Microsoft Teams migration

Despite these statistics, many organizations fail to provide fast, secure communications in their distributed workplace. To better meet the demands of hybrid teams, many organizations are looking to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) systems powered by Microsoft Teams Voice (MSTV). But of the 270 million some-odd Teams end users, only 12 million have enabled […]

Microsoft and the new collaboration world

OnX has collected expert advice from industry veterans to help you decide which collaboration tools best suit your business needs. The new collaboration world Before the pandemic, companies rarely considered the functionality of their collaboration tools. In-office communication solutions didn’t need robust file sharing, meetings that could handle thousands of people, and other features we […]

Webex Calling: Phone services for a virtual world

Learn how implementing Webex Calling with OnX will efficiently deliver industry-leading communication and collaboration tools that save your business time, money, and IT resources. What advantages does Webex Calling offer? Small businesses often work on tight budget constraints. Webex Calling offers enterprise-grade features priced for businesses of all sizes, providing adaptable cloud migration paths that […]

Top ten advantages of integrating your cloud-based contact center with UCaaS

A new trend in communications is integrating UCaaS and CCaaS tools into a single dashboard. However, it is not sufficient to rely only on integration. Applying APIs thoughtlessly leads to static and frustrating workflows. To ensure optimal results, enterprises need to seek out an integrator—an IT provider that can merge applications and Software as a […]

Why should you choose Microsoft Teams Voice for your company?

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams as part of their daily operations because it is included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Implementing the purpose-built enterprise voice functionality of Microsoft Teams Voice is an easy choice, replacing legacy telephony systems with modern collaboration tools. How can Microsoft Teams support you? Teams supports Microsoft Teams Voice—the […]

Microsoft Teams: Supporting your business

Its main advantage over competitors such as Slack is its integration with Microsoft 365 and Office 365, making it a free add-on for businesses already subscribed to Office 365. This means businesses benefit from its core functionality, such as business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing, all on top of the larger Office 365 […]

Future-proof communications with a hosted phone system from Webex Calling

Key advantages of Webex Calling A hosted phone system via Webex Calling has many benefits, which include: Enterprise-level functionality at a small business price point. Designed for a hybrid world, Webex Calling lets customers, agents, and workers connect from anywhere in the world. Multiple migration routes let companies choose the best strategy to modernize legacy […]

OnX delivery of SD-WAN and cloud networking pays off for alternative financial services companies

With branches spread nationwide or internationally, alternative financial services companies often rely on multiple telecom carriers to provide the circuits to transmit data between branches and perform business functions no matter the location. Managing the complexity of multi-site WAN connectivity and numerous carriers creates a nightmare for network administrators to maintain service quality across sites. […]

The 2023 SD-WAN Strategic Roadmap: Advances in Network Technology

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a systematic means of migrating from databases to the Cloud. The benefits of SD-WAN are many—boosted network speeds, minimized downtime, and maximized efficiency, to name a few. Network technology is rapidly expanding to include apps, at-home devices, IoT-enabled devices, and other points of presence (PoPs). Taking the plunge […]

Top six innovative communication tools in healthcare

To help resolve many of these all-too-common complications, new developments in communication technologies are available for providers and their staff. In this blog, we will explore the current trends, challenges, and solutions for communication tools in healthcare. Industry trends and challenges In every industry, including healthcare, consumers dictate the direction of trends and innovation. To […]

Level up your customer experience with franchise technology solutions

While these tools are potential game-changers, they are only as useful as the networks powering them. To that end, corporate entities and franchise owners alike can refurbish their in-store systems with managed Network as a Service (NaaS) by OnX Canada. Also read: SD-WAN benefits retail and food service sector Franchise Technology Solutions The future of […]

What is NaaS, and what can this solution do for my enterprise?

Table of Contents An ideal solution no matter the vertical or business size What is NaaS? A future-forward solution for your organization Implementing Cisco Meraki can improve your network Clients may ask: What is NaaS, and how can it benefit my enterprise? This OnX technology provides businesses with an easy-to-use means of supporting, maintaining, expanding, […]

Educators embracing powerful remote learning technology through OnX, Vendor of Record for Ontario

OnX Canada delivers a host of technology solutions to meet the most pressing remote learning challenges, including safeguarding student data, unifying voice and network communications, and custom applications. Through the implementation of Cisco Webex, OnX enables educators and students to collaborate in real time in a clear and seamless manner.   Businesses and government agencies […]

SD-WAN advantages for your hybrid work-from-home model

For example, VMware SD-WAN creates an agile platform that allows enterprises to securely deploy, manage, and monitor their public, private, and wireless networks. The management and analysis processes are offloaded to the solution provider. Partner with OnX Canada to create your ideal NaaS solution and realize the benefits of a fully managed network, complete with […]

How SD-WAN security from OnX empowers critical business applications

With secure remote access now a business mainstay, companies must plan long-term to meet their most crucial workforce communication needs. Affordable software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) architecture and VMware SD-WAN provide faster and more reliable network connectivity than outdated legacy systems. The following are a few ways an SD-WAN solution can boost your business safely […]

The Benefits of Network as a Service (NaaS)

A fully managed NaaS solution from OnX Canada can modernize and simplify your company’s network infrastructure by providing a scalable way to support, secure, maintain, and expand your network on the cloud. By offloading these networking tasks to the engineering experts at OnX, businesses can tap into the benefits of Naas to reduce IT costs, […]

Cloud delivered SD-WAN: 5 Solutions for defeating networking challenges

Network functions are following the migration of applications to the cloud. This is where cloud-delivered SD-WAN stands out. When companies move network operations to the cloud, they no longer need to manage their communications infrastructures at the local level. The migration also brings improved visibility and unmatched analytical insights. In the cloud, mission-critical applications can […]

Accelerate your migration to the cloud with unified communications as a service

Follow these three stages to ensure a seamless migration to cloud communications. Stage 1: Audit current situation Before migrating to UCaaS, the first step is to determine which technologies your company already has in place and how they’re currently being used. The goal of this stage is to gain complete control of your network infrastructure […]

Building buy-in to move your company toward unified communications and collaboration

That’s why businesses are transitioning to cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) to keep their teams connected through one reliable, flexible platform. By combining enterprise voice services like local, long-distance, and toll-free telephony, with innovative remote communications and collaboration tools and mobility features, hosted UCaaS from OnX Canada can transform the way your organization […]

Combining SD-WAN & NaaS to safeguard collaboration technology now and in the future

Today, OnX Canada is adding to a suite of proven network solutions, offering bundles that leverage the cloud computing capabilities of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and Network as a Service (NaaS). These bundles allow remote staff to access private networks from any device or location, resulting in the scalability and bandwidth necessary to facilitate […]

How to achieve a successful UCaaS migration

Audit existing equipment To make the most of UCaaS, you must begin with a clear understanding of the communication tools your team is already using. A thorough audit of your equipment will set the foundation for your deployment strategy. Establish an accurate inventory of all your company’s devices, such as handsets, tablets, desktops, smartphones, and […]

Create an agile digital foundation for your mobile workforce

By unifying communications and collaboration services across any device their mobile workforce employees prefer, savvy companies are preparing their contact centers and other customer support platforms for an ever-evolving digital future. Forging ahead with the latest innovations—especially those with built-in resilience and security—will ensure you stay competitive minus the risk of damaging downtime. That’s particularly […]

The key factors in choosing UCaaS over traditional PBX

OnX Canada is helping organizations work smarter and more nimbly as they evolve from PBX into future-forward unified communication and collaboration (UC) solutions. History to now Though PBX has a long history as Canada’s choice phone system, it has limited business application functionality in contemporary office settings. Like many older phone networks, PBX exists largely […]

Blending Hosted UC with Cisco Webex to unlock unified collaboration

In response to these omni-channel demands, many companies are turning to hosted unified communications as a service (UCaaS) to unify disjointed tools onto one platform, creating a more versatile way for teams to interact remotely. By integrating the advanced collaboration capabilities of Cisco Webex onto OnX Canada’s Hosted UC platform powered by Cisco BroadWorks, companies […]

4 ways NaaS achieves better performance for government remote office connectivity

What is NaaS? Network as a Service (NaaS) is a scalable, cloud-managed method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing an organization’s network. With full cloud integration, NaaS delivers networking resources, services, and applications across locations as needed, including software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connectivity, data center connectivity, switching, Wi-Fi, and auto VPN.  NaaS allows organizations […]

Empower home offices and branches for maximum connectivity with SD-WAN

These “temporary” remote working situations are no longer temporary in many cases, with several enterprises putting off plans to return to traditional office environments. Therefore, to avoid productivity losses and to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on mission-critical business goals, enterprises relying on remote environments must equip their employees with networking capability equal to what is […]

SD-WAN: Roadmap for Software-Defined Networking

Our new reality means the future of networking lies in the cloud. As our clients’ on-premises data centers and servers become obsolete we find ourselves deploying more and more sensitive data migrations to the cloud. In conjunction, we’re delivering more cloud-based applications as a service. The applications are scalable and tailored to our clients’ business […]

The cloud comes to the enterprise network’s rescue

It wasn’t always this way, of course. Years ago, networking was comparatively simple. Users mostly connected at fixed locations and the data flows were fairly predictable, although not always easily managed. In this day and age, however, organizations are switching to virtualized networks that promise to improve connectivity, reliability and a host of other aspects […]

Stepping up your UCaaS experience with SD-WAN

As a managed service, UCaaS also simplifies operations and allows users to focus less on maintaining multiple communications platforms and more on their bottom lines. It can also be easily scaled for growth as businesses expand their footprints, facilities, and teams. UCaaS has become a common solution for organizations that wish to utilize the ever-growing […]

Expert panel discuss remote team collaboration best practices

To examine the best practices for remote team collaboration, CBTS and OnX Canada recently hosted a panel discussion about the challenges facing companies during this period of instability. Greg Samuels, Senior Director of the Communications Practice at CBTS, moderated the panel, which included: To highlight the most effective strategies for remote team collaboration and communication, […]

Choosing an SD-WAN solution for your business

Here are five key factors to consider when choosing an SD-WAN solution and provider to help your organization prepare for the future of networking: We know that choosing a provider to deliver on your precise, strategic SD-WAN business goals can be a daunting task, especially in an uncertain climate for many consumer-level businesses. This decision must align […]

Considerations for remote work

Ensure remote and work-at-home efficiency Many global companies are embracing a “video first” strategy, emphasizing video meetings as a reliable alternative when face-to-face meetings aren’t practical or safe. Especially during times of crisis, like during the current COVID-19 outbreak, but also when in-person meetings aren’t feasible due to the location of remote offices, travel restrictions, […]

Removing network barriers with SD-WAN to achieve your business goals

As your organization evolves in the digital era, the data and traffic employees generate will inevitably surpass the capabilities of the traditional network architecture you’ve built over the years. Although your existing WAN has served the enterprise well, with today’s increased network traffic and exponential growth in data, traditional WAN architecture has become overly complex […]

Improve network performance with UCaaS and SD-WAN

[See note below] Scalability UCaaS scales up or down, making it a perfect solution for large enterprise-sized businesses that operate numerous locations or need to scale for seasonality. Manageability UCaaS moves network control to the cloud, making it easier to configure upgrades and manage the network from a single dashboard. Cost reduction UCaaS can be […]

Five questions to ask when choosing an SD-WAN partner

To deploy an SD-WAN solution successfully, IT leaders in your organization must gain an understanding of the nuances between different SD-WAN vendor platforms, capabilities, and functionality. Typically, a third-party SD-WAN provider will assess your network to help you determine the best fit. The expertise of potential SD-WAN provider partners will vary tremendously and choosing from […]

Six Common Goals of Cloud Based Networks

An experienced partner like OnX Canada can be a game-changer and architect a solution based on your organization’s precise needs, and then help you navigate the migration path to the cloud. Current cloud networking technologies–whether software-defined networks (SDNs), software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs), network function virtualization (NFV), or virtual network functions (VNF)–have one thing in common: […]

OnX Canada to host CIO SD-WAN Summit in Toronto

Join OnX Canada and IT World Canada on September 24 at STK Steakhouse in Toronto for the CIO Summit, an executive-level discussion on the future of networking strategies that combine and integrate SD-WAN, Network as a Service (NaaS), and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) technologies to support the constantly evolving demands of today’s enterprise. […]