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Revolutionize your retail operations with cloud technology

However, these demands expose the limits of the older infrastructure that often powers retail technology. Even the most tech-savvy brands struggle to predict and meet shifting customer desires. The market for cloud-based retail technology will grow to nearly $40 billion globally by 2026. In addition, multi-cloud platforms (in which two or more cloud environments are […]

The transformative power of cloud computing for healthcare

Healthcare providers have relied heavily on MPLS systems in the past. However, legacy MPLS networks can no longer maintain the speeds and efficiency demanded by modern networking. In addition, the maintenance and upkeep of these systems require a lot of operational resources. Security is another area of grave concern because patient data is extremely sensitive. […]

Expert panel discuss remote team collaboration best practices

To examine the best practices for remote team collaboration, CBTS and OnX Canada recently hosted a panel discussion about the challenges facing companies during this period of instability. Greg Samuels, Senior Director of the Communications Practice at CBTS, moderated the panel, which included: To highlight the most effective strategies for remote team collaboration and communication, […]

4 Steps to Accelerate Your Azure Deployment: Fast Track

Speed is another of the core attractions of the Azure cloud because operations can be standardized and you don’t have to buy and install hardware. In theory, transitioning to Azure is a speedy process. In reality, making the transition to Azure can be long and tedious if you don’t think everything through. For more information, […]

Hyperscale Cloud OnX

A Smart Approach to Moving Workloads to the Hyperscale Cloud

A structured assessment of your IT workloads can help you identify the best match between your workload characteristics and the various hyperscale cloud providers. Additionally, it identifies where workloads have dependencies which must be addressed in making a transition to cloud. This information helps you develop a cloud architecture that dovetails into your wider business […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This change is also driving change in the governance structure of the IT organizations I meet with. CIO’s are looking for IT Service Management experience in their employees and partners. There’s more time spent on the relationship with a supplier instead of just commodity pricing. Governance meetings are driven by metrics and dashboards, not change […]

Cloud readiness assessment

Cloud readiness assessment

After completing our Discovery Workshop, the answer is “yes”. The technology environments of both customers already have the baseline building blocks for developing a private cloud; virtualization and abstraction technologies in place to separate the Service of IT from traditional IT Services. As a result, the change to cloud is an incremental one from an […]