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Core advantages of a managed secure access service edge solution

Secure access service edge (SASE) is vital for protecting modern organizations. OnX managed SASE uses best-in-class tools to maximize long-term protection. SASE vendors provide slightly different features for each product offering. An organization may manage four or more security platforms from separate vendors to ensure it has access to the best features to secure its […]

AI technology amplifies IT efficiency and customer experience

A recent report from Accenture showed that 43% of customer service agents often have a queue of 100 or more tickets. AIOps provides valuable insight when managing complicated data architectures and networks.k While many fear the availability of AI will eliminate jobs, AIOps is a powerful set of tools that help existing IT personnel to […]

Three vital tactics for embedding cloud network security

To keep up with emerging security threats and vulnerabilities, the modern enterprise must implement both proactive and reactive cybersecurity protocols. Simply having a firewall at the edge and running a virus scan on your desktops is no longer enough. A business must utilize all the tools at its disposal to keep user and company data […]

Top six innovative communication tools in healthcare

To help resolve many of these all-too-common complications, new developments in communication technologies are available for providers and their staff. In this blog, we will explore the current trends, challenges, and solutions for communication tools in healthcare. Industry trends and challenges In every industry, including healthcare, consumers dictate the direction of trends and innovation. To […]

SD-WAN: Roadmap for Software-Defined Networking

Our new reality means the future of networking lies in the cloud. As our clients’ on-premises data centers and servers become obsolete we find ourselves deploying more and more sensitive data migrations to the cloud. In conjunction, we’re delivering more cloud-based applications as a service. The applications are scalable and tailored to our clients’ business […]

Removing network barriers with SD-WAN to achieve your business goals

As your organization evolves in the digital era, the data and traffic employees generate will inevitably surpass the capabilities of the traditional network architecture you’ve built over the years. Although your existing WAN has served the enterprise well, with today’s increased network traffic and exponential growth in data, traditional WAN architecture has become overly complex […]

Improve network performance with UCaaS and SD-WAN

[See note below] Scalability UCaaS scales up or down, making it a perfect solution for large enterprise-sized businesses that operate numerous locations or need to scale for seasonality. Manageability UCaaS moves network control to the cloud, making it easier to configure upgrades and manage the network from a single dashboard. Cost reduction UCaaS can be […]

Six Common Goals of Cloud Based Networks

An experienced partner like OnX Canada can be a game-changer and architect a solution based on your organization’s precise needs, and then help you navigate the migration path to the cloud. Current cloud networking technologies–whether software-defined networks (SDNs), software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs), network function virtualization (NFV), or virtual network functions (VNF)–have one thing in common: […]

Building a better network to empower Canada’s mobile workforce

Together, OnX Canada and VeloCloud networking experts are traveling across Canada to meet with IT leaders at CIO Summit and Executive Briefing events to discuss the advantages of SD-WAN over the conventional enterprise WAN. During these meetings, we’ve learned from CIOs about the level of expectations within their organizations, and we use our collective expertise […]