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Nine advantages of a managed cloud environment from OnX

A third-party managed service provider does not supplant your IT department but transforms every department and adds value throughout your organization. It can also lead to a vital partnership that lets your team shift its focus to innovation. This blog will review the benefits of a managed cloud environment. 1. Cost efficiency Managed cloud saves […]

Seven core strategies for cloud disaster recovery solutions

“Disaster recovery”, or DR, and “backup” are sometimes used interchangeably—however, there is a critical difference between the two. A backup is a secure copy or copies of important data, whereas disaster recovery is the method by which backups are restored in the event of data loss. Organizations sometimes overlook creating a disaster recovery plan, but […]

Mass adoption of public clouds will boost market growth to $600 billion in 2023

The widespread adoption of public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure signifies nothing less than a second digital revolution that provides companies across industries the ability to boost the efficiency of operations, migrate applications to the Cloud, and double down on security. Public clouds are much like a public utility company in […]

Get ahead by migrating legacy applications to cloud environments

Core benefits of application migration While cost-effectiveness and savings are compelling reasons to embark on migration projects, other vital benefits include: Increased organizational adaptability High scalability Greater accessibility Boosted efficiency Enhanced customer experiences Lowered IT burdens Better service quality Strategically, a shift to cloud operations for critical applications means that IT expenses once reserved for […]

How supply chain optimization defends against malware attacks and other threats

What is supply chain optimization? Across industries, the demands of the modern market push supply chains to grow in complexity and scale. Yet, as crucial as supply chains are to everyday life, they are increasingly vulnerable to malware attacks. Hackers prey on supply chains to access the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of companies connected […]

Make the most of your cloud infrastructure with a data lake solution

What is a cloud data lake? A cloud data lake is a storage repository into which data currents can flow. Data lakes combine data from many different sources and collect them into a single depository. A unique feature of cloud data lakes is that the data compiled there can be formally structured or completely unstructured. […]

OnX Canada boosts productivity as best-in-class IT solutions company

For over three decades, OnX has garnered a reputation as a best-in-class IT solutions provider. OnX has broad proficiency in providing business IT solutions across the technology landscape. Our IT solutions for companies of all sizes include cloud migration and management, various Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, communications system upgrades, and a host of […]

Revolutionize the way you protect your enterprise with Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions that are documented, tested, and proven to work

When considering disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud, companies must rethink the complex and costly approaches they’ve grown accustomed to. The digital landscape has transformed to favor streamlined, easily managed virtual infrastructure that is ready to activate at a moment’s notice. Because of this, there is no better solution than the public cloud for disaster […]

How to leverage Bocada for better cloud data protection practices

Legacy data protection issues faced in cloud architectures While there are a variety of data protection challenges facing organizations moving to cloud architectures, three common issues frequently arise: Complexity: The more software and third-party solutions, the more complexity you bring into your environment. This includes everything from new GUIs and scripts to cross-platform data incompatibility […]

Why e-mail could be your top data security threat

A growing problem Phishing remains the method of choice for the vast majority of cyberattacks. Using sophisticated social targeting, disguised links and attachments, cyber criminals can do in seconds what could take hours or days for an advanced piece of software to do: circumvent a security platform and gain access to sensitive data or critical […]

How to build an effective patch management program

Mapping of current network topology. Establishing a baseline of vulnerabilities. Application of all outstanding patches. Determining cadence of patch application. Review of ongoing critical patch escalation processes. In-depth quarterly reviews. Continuous, ongoing assessment and monitoring. Auditing and compliance analytics. When properly planned and executed, this process provides critical insight into the potential risks inherent in […]

How getting out of the data center business delivers exponential return on investment

Switching from CapEx to OpEx Somebody has to pay for data center hardware, software, and support. But it doesn’t have to be you. That’s the fundamental appeal of shifting IT resources to the cloud. Cloud providers invest in designing, building, and provisioning powerful high availability, multi-tenant solutions of varying complexity. Clients cut costs and pay […]

Why disaster recovery is an investment in your company’s future success

When the lights return after seven seconds that feel like hours, you’ll forget about the few thousand dollars you invested in a generator. You’ll be grateful you avoided countless millions in malpractice claims. But most of all, you’ll have a chance to save the patient. Determining the ROI of disaster recovery Disaster recovery is about […]

CIO guide to disaster recovery: 5 lessons learned the hard way

1. Underplanning: Being reactive instead of proactive. An astonishing number of organizations lack a documented disaster recovery plan. A recent survey reported by found that 40 percent of the organizations queried admitted they did not have a documented disaster-recovery plan. The survey went out to more than 400 IT pros in firms with 50 […]

Why DR to Azure is the Right Data Protection Solution for Your Company

Regionally dispersed companies that must store data within the borders of a specific nation. Microsoft has data centers around the world, which helps accommodate nation-based compliance concerns. Companies that have not developed a comprehensive disaster-recovery program, but would like to get moving on one soon. Companies with relatively simple disaster-recovery needs and looking for a […]

Retail Commerce Makes a Giant Leap Forward

One of the key providers in this space is Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, which the CRM giant developed after purchasing e-commerce specialist Demandware in 2016. This is a great option for retailers because they can avoid punishing up-front expenses for licensing and architecture. The unique revenue-sharing expense model to e-commerce is another welcome advance. As a […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DRaaS Provider

Where is your DR site? The night Hurricane Sandy hit the New York metropolitan area in 2012, some Manhattan companies that backed up to New Jersey data centers found themselves in a major jam: The storm had knocked out power across the entire region, crippling backup sites as well as main sites. Conclusion: You want […]

The Next Great Translation: Hyperscale Cloud

Moving and managing data centers is the core of our Managed Service business. Transitioning our clients to hyperscale cloud requires a different level of engineering, because much of what we do in the enterprise needs to be translated to Public Cloud. This translation does require some investment; however, once you’ve done it, the opportunities to accelerate […]

Does Your Cloud Environment Have Enough Protection?

Level One: Essential Protection Your first line of advanced support is built on a basic, straightforward foundation that’s easy to implement. Log manager and log review. This analyzes the huge volumes of data in your cloud. You can look for things like performance management, security incident response, and compliance requirements.   Fully managed intrusion detection. […]

Why intrusion detection does not go far enough

Why Intrusion Detection Does Not Go Far Enough

Intrusion Detection Is Not A Cure-All A ransomware attack in early 2016 dubbed “SamSam” was so severe — and, frankly, frightening — that the FBI sent out an alert to watch out for it. The problem was hackers discovered a huge security hole in a popular piece of open-source networking software and used it to […]

Keeping Intruders Out of Your Web Apps

Understand the Key Web App Attack Vectors Start by familiarizing yourself with hackers’ favorite ways into apps, such as: SQL injections Cross-site scripting (XSS) Denial of service (DoS) attacks There are many more, of course, and new ones are being dreamed up every day. Make sure your security team stays abreast of all of these […]