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The network and information security benefits of application modernization 

Application modernization is critical to surmounting the vulnerabilities of legacy applications and systems. But app modernization efforts introduce their own set of security obstacles. Application modernization is both a boon and a hurdle to network and information security. While application modernization dramatically improves security, properly implementing security in a cloud environment is one of the […]

Unburden your IT department with app management services

App management services in a nutshell Outsourcing is a cost-efficient method of saving time and keeping up with competitors. However, an enterprise should seek providers with the specific expertise and understanding of customer expectations and technology vendor resources. App management services fulfill this need by providing highly scalable, available, and efficient application capabilities. While cutting […]

Embracing the next generation of application and infrastructure modernization

OnX Canada is helping organizations embrace the next generation in digital transformation, even as many companies journeyed to the cloud years ago. Service provider clouds—along with public cloud leaders such as AWS, Azure, and GCP—marked the technology’s further evolution. Advancement in automation, containerization, orchestration, and digital disruption is allowing organizations to improve their application development […]

Why the Cloud is your key to application evolution

To avoid the many pitfalls an enterprise could encounter while moving its applications to the cloud, a thorough self-audit is needed before an attempt can be made to formulate and implement a comprehensive migration strategy. During this audit process, your entire application portfolio should be thoroughly reviewed and assessed to determine the readiness of your […]

When it comes to application evolution solutions, don’t be afraid to branch out

The fully certified networking and programming experts of OnX Canada stand ready to train, support, and empower your organization to reach even the most challenging application evolution solutions benchmarks. We can assist you in boosting the availability, performance, and scalability of the applications you depend on to power your entire operation. A managed solution from […]

The rise of serverless computing and what it can mean for your business

The rise of serverless computing Serverless computing is a cloud-based execution model in which functions are typically executed off-premises in the cloud. Despite its name, serverless computing does not eliminate the need for a server. Rather, serverless computing outsources the software code to the cloud provider’s infrastructure, where the application is automatically run at scale […]

Using digital tools to build the new enterprise

Digital transformation is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor designed to convert the enterprise business model from the rigid, product-oriented functions of the past to a dynamic, flexible, service-based operational model of the future.

Modernize apps and infrastructure, and the processes will follow

Among the top priorities for any digitally driven enterprise is the need to be responsive, resilient and reliable. It won’t be long before even complex services like healthcare and finance can be accessed, and decommissioned, at the swipe of a finger. This means the enterprise will have to be at the forefront in the development […]

Top 5 Issues Enterprises Face in the Digital Workplace

Successful enterprises hope to boost collaboration, document tracking, and remote and mobile accessibility while optimizing the efficiency of their IT infrastructure. If it works right, they get lower TCO and more engaged employees who are happier and increasingly productive. A lot of organizations answer these demands with a blended solution that gives workers powerful tools […]

3 Must-Haves for Adopting Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Add in Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s revenue-sharing model, which gives Salesforce and its clients a strong motivation to work together, and you’ve got one of the most robust eCommerce platforms out there today. But for all this potential, implementing Commerce Cloud can be a complicated undertaking. Doing it right requires: Retailers trying to do all this […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Your eCommerce Platform Reaches End of Life

Marshaling the technologies to address all these challenges is a complex undertaking — especially if you’re a retailer about to move your old eCommerce platform into the exit lane. You have to weigh the competitive environment and choose carefully from a wealth of powerful new eCommerce solutions. Your choice has to fit your budget while […]