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Why the Cloud is your key to application evolution

Like it or not, cloud computing is rapidly becoming the new normal. The automation and processing capabilities offered by cloud platforms is allowing modern enterprises to update and improve upon their proprietary applications and software at an unprecedented level of convenience.

However, maximizing the utility of the cloud to evolve your applications requires a strong understanding and command of cloud computing architectures and how they synergize with your software and operations. Migrating an application from a legacy network to the cloud can be particularly problematic, given the many factors that could work against a successful transition.

To avoid the many pitfalls an enterprise could encounter while moving its applications to the cloud, a thorough self-audit is needed before an attempt can be made to formulate and implement a comprehensive migration strategy.

During this audit process, your entire application portfolio should be thoroughly reviewed and assessed to determine the readiness of your applications to be migrated to the cloud. Next, each step of the cloud transition process should be addressed and accounted for ahead of time. These steps could look entirely different for every enterprise—some require a migration plan that spans multiple years to transition their extensive volume of applications, while others are struggling with older legacy technology and require a thorough overhaul to adapt to the cloud computing environment.

If successful, your cloud migration process should result in a suite of cloud-ready applications that are easier to manage, more reliable, and simpler to update. When hosted on the cloud, your applications become living, breathing products that can adapt and grow as needed without the constraints of legacy networks, bringing your application evolution strategy into the modern age.

Making the move together

The difficulty of transferring control of pre-existing software and applications to a cloud environment is why many organizations seek out a managed service partner to help manage the many moving parts involved with cloud migration. Choosing the right partner for this process is an important decision, however. Enterprises looking for a helping hand should take care to work with a cloud provider able to assist and deliver at every stage of the migration.

Application Services from OnX Canada could be the answer cloud-savvy organizations are looking for. By working closely with your team to understand your proprietary technology as well as goals and limitations, OnX experts will be able to develop a migration strategy that leaves no issue unaddressed.

A partnership with OnX is a long-term proposal that provides your organization with a fully defined and transparent roadmap that is tailor-made to suit your unique circumstances and business plan. As your partner, OnX is also a one-stop-shop for consultations, user experience design expertise, and much more.

Your OnX solutions package could include a wide range of services depending on your needs, from full migration of your legacy applications to cloud-ready status, to fully integrated back-end applications or other development tools.Contact OnX Canada to see what Application Services can do to bring your proprietary applications to the cloud and jumpstart your next-gen app evolution strategy.