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Embracing the next generation of application and infrastructure modernization

Large enterprise organizations have multiple business-critical applications, many built on outdated legacy networks. With IT teams often tied up in maintaining these outmoded systems, corporations must create a framework to determine how to modernize their application portfolio.

OnX Canada is helping organizations embrace the next generation in digital transformation, even as many companies journeyed to the cloud years ago. Service provider clouds—along with public cloud leaders such as AWS, Azure, and GCP—marked the technology’s further evolution.

Advancement in automation, containerization, orchestration, and digital disruption is allowing organizations to improve their application development cycles while virtually eliminating downtime. However, actually getting to this advanced state requires work at the application layer, with successful enterprises investing time and resources in migrating to the next level of application and infrastructure.

How can organizations begin this crucial transition? At the infrastructure level, “containers” enable software—including all related configuration files, libraries and dependencies—to run reliably and securely when moved from one computing ecosystem to another.

Additionally, containerization improves deployment and configuration of kill-rebuild production applications while permitting developers to run configured platforms without the overhead of a virtual machine (VM). Often compared to VMs—as both run multiple software types in contained environments—containers are an abstraction of the application layer, where each container simulates a different software application. Conversely, VMs are an abstraction of the hardware layer, effectively simulating a physical machine when running software.

Next-generation software efficiency is also possible through containerization, with Google, IBM, and other proponents using this virtualization method to deploy applications faster and more securely than traditional systems. Although containerized applications present unique security challenges due to sharing a common operating system, the technology ultimately bolsters security by isolating specific application containers.

Meanwhile, applications built net-new are designed for resiliency and scale for successful deployment onto public cloud infrastructure. Organizations with nimble cloud delivery models are well-versed in DevOps processes, resulting in business value and positive revenue impact from application development and creation.

Organizations achieving this advanced state are built to operate in a high-performing cloud-native computing environment. In a cloud-native culture, software is delivered large-scale faster and more reliably than other systems, empowering enterprises to run scalable applications in public, private, and hybrid clouds. Containers, service meshes, microservices, and declarative APIs all exemplify this approach. Combined with robust automation, this method allows engineers to make high-impact changes with minimal difficulty.

Application modernization is vital in an era where legacy systems often hold back the business initiatives that rely on them. Once you decide to update your applications, cloud-native migration paths include limited refactoring and rearchitecting, as well as rebuilding the entire app from the ground up. Another common approach is rehosting an application, then fully rearchitecting or rebuilding it to maximize long-term benefits.

Whatever path you take, cloud-native skills and product know-how should be top-of-mind when seeking out an application modernization partner. OnX Canada is your trusted guide in migration and modernization, helping navigate your enterprise toward improving time to market, eliminating downtime, and leveraging automation for ease of ongoing management. Contact OnX Canada for more information on proven modernization strategies that can help your organization keep your applications up-to-date and competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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