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What is NaaS, and what can this solution do for my enterprise?

Table of Contents An ideal solution no matter the vertical or business size What is NaaS? A future-forward solution for your organization Implementing Cisco Meraki can improve your network Clients may ask: What is NaaS, and how can it benefit my enterprise? This OnX technology provides businesses with an easy-to-use means of supporting, maintaining, expanding, […]

Let OnX navigate your journey to AWS for government

Additionally, AWS provides commercial cloud capabilities for unclassified data, allowing governments to execute their goals with a common toolset and providing the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing mission parameters. This blog will touch on how AWS—with OnX as a reliable provider—can meet the top IT challenges facing Canadian government organizations. Also read: The Road […]

Delivering a trustworthy cloud for government service

With assistance from OnX, government agencies are migrating from silo-laden, hardware-centric data centers to the virtual ecosystem of the cloud. Integrated cloud resources are compiled to meet the needs of specific workloads, meaning they can be easily returned to a common pool upon completion of a job. Consumption scales dynamically according to work volume, offering […]

Secure business growth with an AWS Well-Architected Framework

A public cloud managed by OnX Canada and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework can help organizations achieve this transition while benefitting the bottom line. In a recent Magic Quadrant report, Gartner lauded AWS as a hyperscale provider boasting a portfolio of startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. With a proven certified partner like […]

What is SD-WAN and why is it important?

Table of Contents What is SD-WAN, and why is it the answer to your evolving business needs? What are it’s strengths and weaknesses? How does it compare to SDN? How SD-WAN ensures network safety and security, even in remote environments Extra safety features Which industries can benefit most from this technology? How to develop and […]

Educators embracing powerful remote learning technology through OnX, Vendor of Record for Ontario

OnX Canada delivers a host of technology solutions to meet the most pressing remote learning challenges, including safeguarding student data, unifying voice and network communications, and custom applications. Through the implementation of Cisco Webex, OnX enables educators and students to collaborate in real time in a clear and seamless manner.   Businesses and government agencies […]

SD-WAN advantages for your hybrid work-from-home model

For example, VMware SD-WAN creates an agile platform that allows enterprises to securely deploy, manage, and monitor their public, private, and wireless networks. The management and analysis processes are offloaded to the solution provider. Partner with OnX Canada to create your ideal NaaS solution and realize the benefits of a fully managed network, complete with […]

How Microsoft Workloads on AWS can enhance your enterprise cloud

Dependability: As AWS provides globally dispersed availability zones, it has fewer downtime hours than the next largest cloud provider. Lower costs: AWS helps clients save on Microsoft Workloads compute costs through pricing models such as Spot and a full set of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Superior security: With an array of security, compliance, […]

OnX 3 Questions to Ask Before Your eCommerce Platform Reaches End of Life

How to prepare your enterprise with AWS cloud solutions

OnX public cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is based on a tiered model that matches your unique workloads to cloud functionalities. AWS cloud solutions manage your most demanding workloads, including serverless computing, which allows functions to be executed off-premises in the cloud. This article will illuminate how OnX and AWS cloud solutions help […]

Top 5 cybersecurity actions to take right now

1.Back up your Active Directory servers. Folks, the number of organizations that have to rebuild their AD after a ransomware incident is downright heartbreaking. Don’t assume that “someone’s doing it.” It is likely that your domain controller is one of the most critical machines in your environment. Know that just doing snapshots aren’t sufficient. Microsoft […]