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4 ways NaaS achieves better performance for government remote office connectivity

What is NaaS? Network as a Service (NaaS) is a scalable, cloud-managed method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing an organization’s network. With full cloud integration, NaaS delivers networking resources, services, and applications across locations as needed, including software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connectivity, data center connectivity, switching, Wi-Fi, and auto VPN.  NaaS allows organizations […]

Tips for building a comprehensive cloud security program

If your organization is planning to attempt a cloud network migration, it pays to research these misconceptions and equip yourself with all the knowledge necessary to build a modern and effective cloud security program. Quality over quantity You may hear from time to time that the more cloud security tools your enterprise can bring to […]

Boost your IT modernization efforts with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Forward-leaning automation Clearly, automation will have to play a larger role in the data center and in the cloud if the enterprise stands any chance of fulfilling the demands of an increasingly connected user base. Red Hat has taken a leadership position in IT automation with its Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, delivering new levels […]

How to realize maximum benefits from migrating to the cloud

Laying the groundwork Since migrating to—and then operating—a cloud environment is an intricate process, the key to a successful outcome lies in establishing a firm foundation. Once an enterprise knows what it is after, it can take all the necessary steps to complete each step in the process quickly, efficiently, and with minimal risk. To […]

Why e-mail could be your top data security threat

A growing problem Phishing remains the method of choice for the vast majority of cyberattacks. Using sophisticated social targeting, disguised links and attachments, cyber criminals can do in seconds what could take hours or days for an advanced piece of software to do: circumvent a security platform and gain access to sensitive data or critical […]

What does it mean to be a vendor of record for the Canadian Government?

Add to this the significant security challenges faced by the government and the need to properly vet any and all contractors, and it’s little wonder that public agencies can struggle to remain digitally relevant in how they serve their constituents. Experienced guidance As a vendor of record (VOR) for Government, OnX Canada knows better than […]

Empower home offices and branches for maximum connectivity with SD-WAN

These “temporary” remote working situations are no longer temporary in many cases, with several enterprises putting off plans to return to traditional office environments. Therefore, to avoid productivity losses and to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on mission-critical business goals, enterprises relying on remote environments must equip their employees with networking capability equal to what is […]

How to build an effective patch management program

Mapping of current network topology. Establishing a baseline of vulnerabilities. Application of all outstanding patches. Determining cadence of patch application. Review of ongoing critical patch escalation processes. In-depth quarterly reviews. Continuous, ongoing assessment and monitoring. Auditing and compliance analytics. When properly planned and executed, this process provides critical insight into the potential risks inherent in […]

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Penetration testing, Chicken Guns, and Mike Tyson

Penetration testing explained In the 50s, fleets of aircraft were in use all over the world, but facing a dangerous problem: running into birds in midair. This led to technical advances in building new windshields and new engines, but engineers needed to ensure that their designs would satisfy their requirements. So how do you make […]

H1 Visa suspension

Making sense of the U.S H1 visa suspension and what it means for IT staffing

First, some background. The recent executive order comes on the heels of several months of economic turmoil, during which the unemployment rate in the United States has nearly quadrupled and various public health measures have been deployed in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. Citing concern around “excess labor supply,” the executive order […]