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The role of security in digital transformation

What is digital transformation? In most cases, digital transformation consists of three key elements: resilience, scalability, and time to market. The medium of change is primarily legacy applications that are re-written, re-platformed, or re-architected to perform better in a cloud-native environment. The newly transformed applications are mobile-ready, effectively moving data and security to edge devices. […]

IT skills gap

Cybersecurity insurance, part 3: Completing the risk and liability questionnaire

Read more: Top 5 cybersecurity actions to take right now Departments outside of IT have ownership of data mentioned in the insurance questionnaire. For example, human resources stores sensitive employee data like salaries, social security numbers, and health insurance information. Finance ensures vendor data, payment records, bank information, and other assets are secured properly. If […]

Meeting market demand through modernization of legacy technology

In this post, we will closely examine the implications of legacy technology modernization and how companies can take advantage of the process to encourage growth. The need for legacy technology modernization Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies have shifted to a hybrid workforce environment. As a result, many businesses accelerated and adapted existing […]

Cybersecurity insurance, part 2: Preparing for insurance company questionnaires

Completing your insurance questionnaire will be much simpler if your organization already has a formal and documented cybersecurity program. Otherwise, you should prepare yourself to focus on improving your security controls before speaking with the agent. If your company does not currently have data security measures in place, odds are you may not qualify at […]

Cybersecurity insurance, part 1: What is it, and do I need it?

In response, many organizations are purchasing insurance to transfer risk and mitigate some of the cost of a cybersecurity attack. But what is cybersecurity insurance? What kind of coverage does it provide? This post will take a closer look at these questions. What is cybersecurity insurance? Cyber insurance provides compensation for companies when they have […]

Revolutionize your retail operations with cloud technology

However, these demands expose the limits of the older infrastructure that often powers retail technology. Even the most tech-savvy brands struggle to predict and meet shifting customer desires. The market for cloud-based retail technology will grow to nearly $40 billion globally by 2026. In addition, multi-cloud platforms (in which two or more cloud environments are […]

Strategize your cloud transformation for greater success

Updating and migrating legacy applications is daunting, with many IT departments at a loss of where to begin. Increasingly, cloud-based tools offer valuable solutions for companies that wish to modernize. More than ever, CIOs and IT teams across sectors have mobilized to generate cloud transformation strategies for their companies. A recent survey from IDG reports […]

OnX Cloud for Canadian Governments

IT Modernization for Canadian government agencies

Key advantages of IT modernization for government Governments worldwide are realizing the advantages of IT modernization through cloud technology. Those benefits include: Cost efficiency and predictable costs. Secure backups and disaster recovery. Continuous access to state-of-the-art technology through cloud providers. High scalability. Modernizing aging legacy applications. Faster deployment of new applications and systems. Advanced security […]

How supply chain optimization defends against malware attacks and other threats

What is supply chain optimization? Across industries, the demands of the modern market push supply chains to grow in complexity and scale. Yet, as crucial as supply chains are to everyday life, they are increasingly vulnerable to malware attacks. Hackers prey on supply chains to access the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of companies connected […]