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CXsync offers powerful contact center solutions for enterprise businesses

In a recent survey conducted by PwC, 73% of customers said that customer experience (CX) drives buying decisions.

CXsync was created to address these challenges and to provide enterprise-level contact center solutions for businesses of all sizes. A hosted Contact Center as a Service solution, CXsync combines three core technologies into a seamless platform:

By utilizing cloud technology, CXsync offers advanced features and functionality that would otherwise be unaffordable to small businesses. In this post, we’ll look at how CXsync benefits organizations of every size.

CXsync’s contact center solutions empower businesses

CXsync is a perfect fit for larger enterprise firms with the capability to host up to 500 customer service representatives. Due to its low complexity and high functionality, the platform is an excellent option for both internal and external uses. CXsync offers omni-channel services streamlined into a single platform (no more clicking on multiple tabs or windows). Also, CXsync provides hosted contact center solutions for each role within a CX department: customer service agent, manager, or admin.

Agents and managers appreciate the ease of use and simplicity of CXsync, while administrators love the customization options and deep back end.

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CXsync is a collaborative solution

CXsync encompasses a suite of omni-channel contact center solutions designed to elevate the customer experience. Customers appreciate easy inbound calling, and agents can answer their requests regardless of their preferred channel—chat, text, e-mail, or social media. What’s more, agents can easily schedule callbacks or outbound calling. Businesses can conveniently integrate MSTV and Webex Calling for an overall collaborative experience.

Important features of CXsync include:

  • Advanced tools at a reasonable price.
  • Seamless adoption in hybrid work environments.
  • Ability to monitor communications across every channel.
  • Custom integrations with a variety of applications via APIs.
  • Compatibility with traditional phones and softphone devices.
  • Customizable service options so you only pay for the services you need.
  • Initial setup time of seconds with the opportunity to refine the platform as you go.

How CXsync works for each user

CXsync helps each user at a contact center become more efficient. Customers can request help on any channel, and agents can respond in kind. In addition, omni-channel communications condense into a single feed, and new channels can be added anytime.

Customer service agent

Even before pandemic-related labor shortages, the recruitment and retention of customer service agents at call centers was challenging. CXsync was designed with the call agent in mind. With CXsync, agents can:

  • Set their status as “Ready, Not Ready, Lunch, Meeting, Break,” and so on.
  • Personalize their workstations and settings, like turn auto-answer off or on.
  • Connect with customers across multiple channels, not just calls.
  • Collaborate with one another via integration with Microsoft Teams—without compromising the customer experience.
  • Schedule and manage outbound communications to follow up with customers.


CXsync provides management with tools to keep their contact centers running at maximum efficiency. These tools empower managers to:

  • Listen-in to calls.
  • Guide agents during calls with voiceovers that only they can hear.
  • Override and speak directly to customers.
  • Generate performance reports and send training materials directly to agents.
  • Monitor employee performance with agent scorecards that are updated in near real time.


CXsync allows admins to oversee the operations of a call center, from both the bird’s eye and worm’s eye views. Administrators can listen to or manage individual calls or direct call/message traffic queues for the entire facility.

With CXsync, admins can:

  • Create reports and track metrics on customer experience trends, contact center performance, and call traffic.
  • Identify call agent and management training opportunities.
  • Specify permissions and access by role.
  • Manage emergency 911 services.
  • Avail caller name management (CNAM) and queue management.

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Why choose OnX?

Customers have high expectations that influence purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. CXsync gives users access to contact center solutions that were once only available to the largest corporations at an affordable price. CXsync is the latest in a long line of UCaaS and CCaaS hosted service offerings from OnX. Over years of experience, OnX has refined its implementation process that rapidly steers clients from concept to deployment.

Contact us to begin your CXsync journey.