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Strategies for secure cloud migration with AWS managed services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been acknowledged by Gartner as a quadrant leader for 12 consecutive years and counting. Due to the cloud platform’s robust capabilities and continued prominence, OnX Canada provides AWS managed services to allow organizations of all sizes to position themselves as innovators and improve their cloud capacities.

Many companies have already adopted some of AWS’s numerous cloud service offerings. The challenge for most organizations will be not in adoption, but in streamlining AWS to adapt to existing workflows. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with 80+ unique certifications, the OnX team is profoundly qualified to ensure successful migration projects and cloud-native workloads.

What steps are involved in secure migration to AWS? What best practices apply, and how can you prepare your team?

Why switch to AWS managed services?

When partnered with the holistic management processes of OnX, AWS managed services are a potent set of cloud tools that serve to refresh and optimize systems across your enterprise.


AWS is a leading provider of enterprise cloud resources. Surveys show that IT leaders highly regard AWS for its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. No other cloud provider on the market currently manages such a large quantity of cloud resources at the enterprise level as AWS.  

Organizational diversity

AWS services organizations of all sizes across sectors. SMBs, startups, mid-tier companies, and large corporations all rely on AWS for various cloud services.


AWS was one of the first cloud providers. Its sterling reputation comes not just as a cloud services provider but also as a comprehensive provider of digital ecosystem solutions.

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Key advantages of AWS managed services

Migrating to AWS managed services comes with a suite of transformational benefits:

  • Cost savings. Save money by shifting from CapEx to OpEx and purchasing a-la-carte service offerings.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Gain access to the newest AI-powered tools and continuously deployed solutions.
  • Streamlined operations. Efficient workflows and cloud-based collaboration tools empower employees.
  • Next-gen security tools. Extended threat prevention tools keep pace with emerging malware threats.
  • Redundant architecture. Maintain maximum uptime with multiple redundancies across a geographic area.
  • Compliance controls. OnX compliance experts provide guidance on emerging data compliance regulations.
  • Central control hub. Easy and instant visibility into enterprise-wide system function through customizable dashboards.

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The OnX method

OnX leverages time-tested frameworks that guide our clients through each stage of digital transformation based on need.

Tier 1: Foundation

This tier supports organizations moving from an on-prem data center to a cloud environment. In addition, this tier is suited for companies migrating from VMware to AWS via “lift and shift” modernization. Tier 1 is also an excellent choice for businesses needing greater flexibility and control across their digital landscape.

Tier 2: Advanced

This tier was developed with cloud-based organizations in mind. OnX’s AWS engineers assess the current ecosystem and recommend ways to streamline, optimize, and utilize new cloud-native implementations. Other services at this level include transparent billing and greater visibility and control over using individual tools.

Tier 3: Platform as a Service and DevOps

The third and final service tier builds on the other two by offering PaaS and DevOps transformations. Tier 3 is ideal for companies that need to speed up application development and automation. Containers and serverless computing aid developers in speeding up time-to-market and implementing continuous deployment release schedules.

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The Well-Architected Framework

AWS developed the Well-Architected Framework to support cloud architects and high standards of delivery (which the OnX team follows). The AWS Well-Architected Framework establishes core concepts, design guidelines, and the best procedures for optimum AWS workloads. AWS outlines the approach based on six pillars: 

  • Operational excellence. Continuously add value by improving monitoring efforts and overall system performance.
  • Security. Protect all data, systems, and infrastructure without sacrificing performance speed. Conduct regular risk assessments, especially before migration projects.
  • Reliability. Users should have regular access to cloud services, and it’s the AWS partner’s responsibility to minimize outages caused by malware, hardware issues, or operational errors through redundant contingencies.
  • Performance. Constant monitoring and redistributing of workload resources is required to ensure optimization and efficiency.
  • Cost efficiency. Correct workload management keeps costs low by eliminating unnecessary technology spending and aligning with users’ technology budgets.
  • Sustainability. Maintain minimal footprints across environmental, social, and economic arenas through careful resource management.

Why OnX?

Over the past few decades, OnX has optimized cloud adoption into a process that has served hundreds of satisfied customers. Our phased approach includes the following steps:

  • Assess: OnX’s AWS engineers review your organization’s current data environment, evaluate risks, and map out a migration plan.
  • Design: Referencing the plan developed in the previous step, our team designs well-architected solutions based on the AWS pillars discussed in the previous section.
  • Migrate/build: OnX engineers select apps, infrastructure, and systems to migrate to AWS or implement newly developed cloud-native tools.
  • Manage: OnX can oversee cloud operations and unburden your IT, allowing them to refocus on mission-critical endeavors.

OnX provides turnkey solutions for AWS managed services. A deep understanding of cloud-native design and industry-leading solutions helps our team to maximize resources for every AWS workload. Additionally, OnX provides 24x7x365 helpline or chat technical support.

Contact us to learn more about how OnX can steer your journey to AWS managed services and a streamlined, cost-effective cloud environment.