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Does your business network need Juniper Mist NaaS with Marvis AI?

The complexity of business networks increases every year. With today’s networks working overtime to account for connections such as IoT devices, applications, and data, how can IT teams manage and troubleshoot network traffic effectively?

Enter Marvis, the virtual network assistant (VNA) from Juniper Mist and 2023 leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ for networking. With Marvis, IT teams can use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to proactively alert the network admin of potential issues. Marvis is a 24×7 support “robot” that performs many tasks a Tier 1 customer support member does—such as correctly labeling and identifying tickets to the next tier of agents or even resolving issues without human intervention.

Marvis helps prioritize customer service inquiries by auto-generating trouble tickets on behalf of connected devices running Juniper Mist AI. It is intelligent enough to route traffic and autocorrect simple network issues.

Implementing a VNA like Marvis requires careful trial and error, but a partner like OnX Canada can make the process faster. Read on to learn how Marvis can benefit your organization’s networks and how to shore up any limitations.

The benefits of Juniper Mist AI-enabled networking

  • Improved customer service and experience through identification of issues before users are affected
  • Auto-generated tickets for all devices connected through Juniper Mist AI
  • 24x7x365 support and monitoring
  • Accelerated and enhanced troubleshooting through natural language processing (NLP) supported interfaces
  • Proactive monitoring of network speeds and functionalities, with automatic alerts sent if services drop below a specific rate
  • An elevated help desk experience and an overall reduction in support tickets
  • Maximized uptime through real-time corrections and self-healing remediation
  • Identification of root causes of issues and how to fix them through dynamic packet capture, supported by Marvis saving and restoring data during an outage

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How does Marvis operate?

Marvis aims to improve the customer’s user experience and reduce support tickets. Its AI and machine learning capabilities allow it to learn over time and improve performance.

The VNA’s primary functions include:

  • Troubleshooting through NLP interfaces: Marvis works similarly to other generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Users ask it questions or common-sense prompts such as how many switches are connected to the network. To allow for efficient visibility into connectivity, switches, WAN edges, and more, Marvis’s starting options include:
    • Troubleshoot.
    • Search.
    • Documentation.
    • Marvis Actions.
  • Autonomous actions: Marvis self-drives through the autonomous and learning aspects of Juniper Mist AI, improving uptime as it operates. While Marvis will still require an experienced IT team member to guide its learning, this collaboration increases efficiency for the network admin and SysOps.
  • Identification and correction of common issues: Marvis pinpoints malfunctioning equipment or recommends suggestions without needing a member of the IT team to intervene.
  • Assisting the tier-one role: Marvis inverts the traditional IT support model by performing many tier-one actions, such as logging service tickets and forwarding tickets to other tiers.

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Traditional IT support workflow

Tradiational IT workflow
Customer to Tier 1 Support to possible resolution, if not then to Tier 2 Support to possible resolution, if not then to Tier 3 support to possible resolution, if not then ends at Third-party vendor

Marvis support workflow

Marvis support workflow
Marvis detects an issue to possible remediation, if not Tier 2: works with Marvis to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve to possible resolution, if not Tier 3 support to possible resolution, if not then Thrid-party vendor

Understanding limitations

Marvis is an emerging technology. It cannot create a firewall or remediate devices without a Marvis license, meaning it can only remediate itself.

However, the VNA helps users gain visibility into non-Juniper-enabled network devices, such as DNS and firewall policies.

Implementing Juniper Mist AI with OnX

AI is only as effective as its data, configuration, and implementation. Marvis is a powerful tool for identifying, reporting, and correcting network issues, working together to improve the end user’s experience. Network admin and customer support can take advantage of additional support to improve efficiency and service quality. The Juniper Mist AI tool offers businesses an agile, scalable, resilient approach to maintaining enterprise-wide networks. However, an experienced IT partner is needed to launch Marvis effectively and make full use of these functionalities.

Having a partner like OnX to assist with deploying a fully managed Network as a Service (NaaS) solution like Juniper Mist with Marvis AI means organizations have access to an expert support team. Transfer network responsibilities to the connectivity experts at OnX to simplify operations, improve the user experience, and improve your bottom line.

Infrastructure requirements are only increasing. Skilled engineers at OnX ensure that organizations can scale their networks and make network management less complex, allowing IT teams to put their focus on where their efforts are needed most.

At OnX, we have helped hundreds of organizations evolve their business networks with efficient network services. Get in with an expert from OnX today.