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Webex Calling: Phone services for a virtual world

Moving to a global, digital work environment has increased the complexity of internal and external business communications. As a result, companies are increasingly leaving outdated PBX phone systems in the past, instead turning to cloud-based, single-platform telephony systems.

Webex Calling by Cisco provides businesses with a cost-effective Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution built for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. It allows companies to integrate their multiple communications platforms into one easy-to-use tool—all without complex workflow reworks or purchasing new devices.

Learn how implementing Webex Calling with OnX will efficiently deliver industry-leading communication and collaboration tools that save your business time, money, and IT resources.

What advantages does Webex Calling offer?

Small businesses often work on tight budget constraints. Webex Calling offers enterprise-grade features priced for businesses of all sizes, providing adaptable cloud migration paths that allow customers to transition at their pace.

The result is enterprise-grade features that are optimized for hybrid environments. Connect your employees anywhere in the world through a stable Internet connection with state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

Webex Calling can integrate with hundreds of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The platform is built from the ground up to be secure, encrypting meetings and providing all communication through a single application. Businesses benefit from improved privacy and security while enjoying greater visibility and control through centralized administration.

Collaborate without limits

Webex Meetings takes workplace collaboration to the next level with powerful automation. Intelligent features, such as real-time translation, noise removal, and closed captions bring your team together no matter where or how they work. The platform is highly flexible, transitioning between devices seamlessly, and improves productivity with immersive, interactive polling and Q&A features.

With the single-pane-of-glass control hub, your IT staff can manage the platform and leverage custom analytics for improved performance.

Cloud calling experiences can be enhanced even further with Webex-integrated devices like room systems or video devices. Combined, collaboration is unlocked with seamless communication anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Complete, centralized control

The Webex Control Hub provides one dashboard to manage the platform’s features. It offers easy access to hundreds of integrated platforms and applications, such as Microsoft Teams and other cloud-based services.

As a result, users can communicate and collaborate without ever having to leave the Webex app or change their workflows, and administrators have easy access to custom analytics.

How can OnX improve your experience?

While configuring Webex Calling can be a time-intensive effort, OnX provides support with expert engineers that assist in setting up and implementing Webex Calling. Disaster recovery, survivability, and security are all provided through OnX’s services.

Customers benefit from:

  • Assessment: OnX’s initial assessment outlines the technology, platforms, and approaches needed to ensure swift configuration. Customers are supported by OnX project managers, who guide teams throughout the process.
  • Guidance: OnX engineers design and build a custom solution, bolstering your capabilities to help you easily meet your business goals.
  • Transformation: Deploy and fine-tune new solutions during business operations, ensuring you never have to slow down.
  • Longevity: OnX will continue to partner with you throughout the configuration journey, from tech support to fully managed services.

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Why choose OnX?

OnX has an extensive track record of supporting enterprises that want to utilize next-gen data centers and hybrid cloud solutions. As a Cisco Gold Partner, OnX combines our expertise with a complementary ecosystem of key partners such as Intel, Oracle, and VMware.

Relying on OnX to implement Webex Calling allows companies to bolster their productivity, streamline their systems, and cut costs. Additionally, transparency about offerings and fixed monthly prices help you avoid unnecessary upfront financial investments.

OnX expert engineers are ready to assist you in configuring Webex Calling for your business. Get in touch today to learn how Webex Calling can benefit your company.