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Nine advantages of a managed cloud environment from OnX

More than 90% of companies worldwide employ cloud technology tools, and that number is only growing. It’s easy to see why—cloud adoption is a crucial driver of positive business outcomes, including improved efficiency, cost-efficient IT budgets, and better collaboration across a hybrid workforce. However, many companies need more IT resources to optimize their cloud environments fully. OnX provides managed cloud services to help enterprises overcome IT hurdles and drive organizational efficiencies while minimizing risk.

A third-party managed service provider does not supplant your IT department but transforms every department and adds value throughout your organization. It can also lead to a vital partnership that lets your team shift its focus to innovation. This blog will review the benefits of a managed cloud environment.

1. Cost efficiency

Managed cloud saves organizations money by optimizing IT spending. With a cloud model, expenses transition from significant capital investments, like an onsite data center, to a predictable monthly consumption model. A la carte service selection allows you to pick and choose the services your company truly needs. Seasoned providers like OnX guide your team through design to implementation to ensure fully supported, cost-efficient cloud solutions.

2. Innovation

Managed cloud environments grant users access to the latest technology. Your IT team will no longer struggle to patch software or upgrade on-premises hardware routinely. A virtualized IT estate allows OnX engineers to update remotely and patch company systems while our cloud partners—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google—continuously upgrade their infrastructure to stay competitive.

Our experts take advantage of the continuous deployment model of our partner providers to give our customers the benefits of cutting-edge AI and machine learning tools, as well as a portfolio of integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that serve to future-proof your enterprise.

3. Efficiency improvements

Managed cloud improves and optimizes your business operations. OnX cloud engineers have complete visibility across the digital landscape of your company and provide 24x7x365 support that addresses issues in near real-time and keeps your system updated, secure, and optimized. In addition, your organization will improve efficiency internally with powerful cloud collaboration tools, file sharing, automated backups, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

The OnX cloud adoption process has been refined throughout thousands of cloud migrations for our clients.

  • Assessment: Our experts help you fully comprehend your current cloud environment.
  • Design: Well-architected solutions crafted by our specialists reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Deployment: OnX engineers build and personalize the managed cloud environment to perfectly fit your operations.
  • Manage: OnX transitions into support and management of your cloud tools which unburden your IT team and allows them to focus on mission-critical tasks.

4. Automatic backup and DRaaS

A critical risk of onsite data storage is physical damage to hardware. For example, system restoration might take weeks or months if your infrastructure is demolished in a natural disaster. Other risks include theft or increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks targeting on-prem data.

A managed cloud environment creates automatic backups to an offsite cloud data center, which is more secure than on-premises storage. Additionally, cloud service providers employ redundant geo-centric locations to minimize the risk of data loss. However, after a catastrophic event, it’s vital to confirm that your organization can find and re-integrate backup data as quickly as possible. That’s the purpose of DRaaS—to restore operations rapidly and efficiently to normal and minimize downtime. To ensure business continuity, a DRaaS provider must test recovery systems once a quarter and provide ongoing training to your staff in the latest security protocols.

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5. Security

Holistic backup and DRaaS systems are only a part of a robust cyber defense plan. Truly effective security teams must go on the offensive against malware. However, implementing next-gen security tools can be too specialized for many IT departments, requiring constant threat landscape monitoring and deep expertise. While it’s true that cloud storage is more secure than onsite servers, clouds and multi-clouds still have security weak points.

OnX security experts boost your organization’s cyber defense through ongoing support, knowledge transfers, and staff training. In addition, our team helps your team safeguard against the leading cause of ransomware infection—human error.

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6. Accessibility

A managed cloud environment provides frequently upgraded infrastructure for your business operations. Additionally, OnX engineers manage the speed and uptime of your systems, contractually obligated to maintain 99.999% uptime by service level agreement. In combination with redundant geographic locations, OnX experts guarantee the speed, accessibility, and reliability of your crucial data whenever and wherever you need it.

7. Compliance assistance

In heavily regulated industries (e.g., healthcare or finance), governing bodies closely monitor data to protect consumers. But managing compliance regulations is increasingly challenging and ever-changing. Staying compliant and avoiding fines takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. A managed cloud provider brings data compliance expertise to the table and can steer your company through the pitfalls of data compliance.

8. Central controls

Managed cloud environments implement a single-pane-of-glass dashboard. You gain greater visibility across all your cloud systems from one location, making it easy to assess system performance and identify potential issues.

OnX is unique in that it provides a truly co-managed experience. You never have to sacrifice control or access to your mission-critical systems. OnX customers always retain oversight of their cloud environments. Our clients stay agile with on-demand access to the tools they need to innovate.

9. End-to-end cloud support

Each organization leaves a unique cloud footprint. So, every company’s cloud environment must be optimized to become more efficient, minimize risk, and drive mission-critical business outcomes. With a managed cloud service provider like OnX, your environment is customized to meet your specific business challenges and goals.

Regardless of your company’s current stage of digital maturity, OnX will aid you in achieving your goals through heavily vetted frameworks and well-architected design principles.

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