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Core advantages of a managed secure access service edge solution

Secure access service edge (SASE, pronounced “sassy”) merges cloud networking and security by combining software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) with secure service edge (SSE) protocols. This blend of technologies streamlines overall security posture, boosts efficiency, and reduces the complexity of WAN deployments. In addition, SASE continues to develop by incorporating emerging security tools such as EDR, CASB, DLP, zero trust policies, and AI.

Secure access service edge (SASE) is vital for protecting modern organizations. OnX managed SASE uses best-in-class tools to maximize long-term protection.

SASE vendors provide slightly different features for each product offering. An organization may manage four or more security platforms from separate vendors to ensure it has access to the best features to secure its networks and digital real estate. However, this approach rapidly becomes untenable for many overburdened IT teams. Organizations are increasingly looking to managed service providers (MSP) like OnX Canada to select, deploy, and maintain as many SASE and security tools as necessary, with the added benefit of only having a single point of contact for multiple vendors.

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The current state of SASE

SASE has grown to incorporate emerging security guidance such as zero trust network access (ZTNA). Zero trust is less a portfolio of security tools than a school of thought emphasizing such principles as:

  • Identification access management (IAM).
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • Device and application management.

In a nutshell, ZTNA only allows user access to platforms and applications as needed. Trust is never assumed. For example, “least privilege access” is a methodology that continuously monitors user identifications as well as their device and application IDs for unusual activity, flagging or blocking potential threats.

Beyond ZTNA, secure access service edge continues to grow by integrating other security tools such as:

  • Advanced threat protection via signature and IP address reputation.
  • VPN (Virtual private network).
  • SWG (Secure web gateway).
  • Multi-site east/west firewalls.
  • CASB (cloud access security broker) and DLP (data loss prevention).
  • EDR (endpoint detection and response) and XDR (extended detection and response).
  • MDR (managed detection and response) and SOC (security operations center).
  • AI (artificial intelligence)/machine learning technologies.

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Single vendor vs. best-in-class

Industry-leading vendors like Palo Alto Networks and VMware have moved to integrate and simplify SD-WAN and secure access service edge solutions in recent years. So much so that certain vendors now consider SD-WAN and SASE the same product offering. Selecting one vendor to host SASE and SD-WAN is clean and simplifies security operations. However, despite the overlap, SD-WAN and SASE are not the same. The differentiators are minor but essential.

What if your organization needs a specific SASE or SD-WAN feature from a rival vendor? From multiple other vendors? Your security team now must manage non-interoperable platforms and increase tool sprawl. But by working with a security MSP, your team can select the right tools for your specific needs, selecting the best-in-class services. It’s the best of both worlds, combining simplicity with the best tools gathered from industry-leading vendors.

Key benefits of managed secure access service edge

1. It is cost efficient

By switching to managed SASE, organizations shift technology spending from sizable upfront investments of capital expenses to operating expenses (small monthly subscription payments). Hardware is rented (either on-prem or remotely) and managed by the MSP. In addition, managed SASE helps IT teams to refocus on innovation and mission-critical workloads.

Unifying cloud networking and security with SASE increases your organization’s efficiency and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming infrastructure updates.

2. You gain access to expertise

As diverse and talented as your in-house IT team likely is, cybersecurity efforts like SASE necessitate specialized knowledge of emerging threats. OnX experts are highly certified and continuously monitor the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Additionally, our team stays informed on the latest data compliance regulations that can easily snare the most well-intentioned IT team.

3. You will offset security risks

Access to cutting-edge security platforms differs from getting the most from those tools. An experienced hand must properly deploy and configure SASE to address the highest-priority vulnerabilities while maintaining ZTNA and compliance standards. When implemented correctly, managed secure access service edge greatly boosts security across your digital estate, devices, applications, and users.

4. You will achieve greater network visibility and control

Managed SASE affords you increased visibility into internal and external user activity, application activities, and network traffic. Also, managed secure access service edge allows your team to closely examine application traffic and user data flow. You can suspend user IDs or applications to shut down threat vectors if anything is unusual.

5. Leverage 24/7 support to maintain and strengthen your network

The best MSPs support your company through each phase of digital maturation, from the initial consultation to implementation and then seamlessly transitioning into technical support. OnX-managed SASE staff provide access to their expertise from day two (day one being the initial consult) for clients and round-the-clock technical support.

In addition to tech support, the MSP offers remediation, SOC advice, and threat response services. Partnering with a reliable MSP frees up your IT resources and lets your team focus on core business objectives.

6. Get the best results with a vendor-agnostic approach

By taking a best-in-class approach, OnX provides your business with access to tools perfectly suited to meet your company’s unique needs, regardless of which vendor hosts them. Our MSP team offers expert guidance on services, bundle opportunities, and the platforms that are an ideal fit for your enterprise. And OnX is vendor agnostic, which means that OnX leverages existing relationships with best-of-breed vendors to ensure good deals on service pricing. In addition, you will dramatically reduce tool sprawl by keeping OnX as the main point of contact for the various security tools you employ.

7. Enjoy the versatility of your new security systems

A managed secure access service edge solution can be deployed anywhere and is especially relevant for hybrid workplaces. OnX MSP managers remotely patch, upgrade, and otherwise oversee the various SASE tools in your solution to ensure the highest level of service as agreed upon and protected by SLAs. Additionally, the MSP can push out security policy updates for an application, group of users, set of identifications, or by roles.

8. Globally scale your IT infrastructure with ease

SASE is built for hybrid work environments. Administrators manage policy from a centralized cloud platform dashboard for each branch across the globe. For example, a new branch can be added, or multifactor authentication can be applied to every location at once. The right MSP helps your organization design and implement security standards across the entirety of your environment, regardless of employee location in the world, working at a branch, or remotely.

Invest in your future with a managed secure access service edge solution from OnX

Switching to managed SASE gives your organization a competitive edge by reducing costs and increasing ROI, simplifying operations, and maximizing security regardless of where your users are located worldwide. A single vendor strategy to SASE has upsides, certainly. But ultimately, a customized approach that expertly blends best-in-class solutions to perfectly meet your needs through a single contact is better.

Selecting a managed services provider for implementing SASE takes careful thought and planning. The provider must have deep experience in both security and networking. OnX meets those criteria with long-term relationships with best-in-class security providers such as Palo Alto Networks and VMware. Merging multiple SD-WAN and SASE security platforms, OnX delivers a comprehensive cloud defense with simplified access and control—custom-built to meet your security needs.

Dedicated OnX team members shepherd your SASE deployment from initial consultation to deployment and provide ongoing technical support.

Contact us to begin the next phase of your security journey.