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IT worker representing OnX Canada Serverless Architecture

Enhance developer experience by modernizing your legacy technology

In this blog post, we will outline the core tenets of DevEx, spotlight potential missteps, and explore services that directly support developer experience programs. The importance of DevEx Developer velocity is a term that refers to how fast developers can bring a new product to market or release new iterations of a current product. McKinsey […]

Future-proof business operations with application modernization

Many are turning to application modernization to address the issues caused by overtaxed legacy applications. This process migrates existing applications and software to newer platforms. An example might include a piece of legacy accounting software being updated and uploaded to a cloud platform. The updated application gives employees greater access to the software in remote […]

How app modernization helps businesses stay competitive

Generating a digital transformation strategy that drives results Staying competitive in the digital era means businesses must streamline digital operations to be flexible while constantly improving user experience (UX). App modernization is a core piece of a digital transformation strategy that organizations must adopt to succeed in the modern marketplace. In addition, modernization adds value […]

Strategize your cloud transformation for greater success

Updating and migrating legacy applications is daunting, with many IT departments at a loss of where to begin. Increasingly, cloud-based tools offer valuable solutions for companies that wish to modernize. More than ever, CIOs and IT teams across sectors have mobilized to generate cloud transformation strategies for their companies. A recent survey from IDG reports […]

How to transform your data security program with automation

OnX Canada is simplifying data security environments for modern enterprises by leveraging the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This technology allows for role-based access control, security, auditing, and delegation, utilizing both the REST API and the traditional command line interface (CLI). The platform gives users seamless access to an extensive lineup of functions, including security, […]