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Transforming the digital workplace with AI

The emerging role of AI in the digital workplace Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming ubiquitous in the digital world. AI impacts every sector and department within a company—doubly so for organizations with hybrid work environments. AI is a locus of innovation within the digital workplace. AI improves productivity and generates improved user experience by […]

Unlock the full benefits of UCaaS solutions with optimized security

With the growth of the digital workplace, the need for streamlined collaboration and communication tools with integrated security has grown exponentially. Protect yourself against risk with the proper deployment and management of UCaaS tools. The current state of security in the digital workplace Hybrid and remote work are now permanent fixtures. Organizations that have returned […]

A seven-step process for Microsoft Teams migration

Despite these statistics, many organizations fail to provide fast, secure communications in their distributed workplace. To better meet the demands of hybrid teams, many organizations are looking to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) systems powered by Microsoft Teams Voice (MSTV). But of the 270 million some-odd Teams end users, only 12 million have enabled […]

Microsoft and the new collaboration world

OnX has collected expert advice from industry veterans to help you decide which collaboration tools best suit your business needs. The new collaboration world Before the pandemic, companies rarely considered the functionality of their collaboration tools. In-office communication solutions didn’t need robust file sharing, meetings that could handle thousands of people, and other features we […]

Why should you choose Microsoft Teams Voice for your company?

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams as part of their daily operations because it is included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Implementing the purpose-built enterprise voice functionality of Microsoft Teams Voice is an easy choice, replacing legacy telephony systems with modern collaboration tools. How can Microsoft Teams support you? Teams supports Microsoft Teams Voice—the […]

Microsoft Teams: Supporting your business

Its main advantage over competitors such as Slack is its integration with Microsoft 365 and Office 365, making it a free add-on for businesses already subscribed to Office 365. This means businesses benefit from its core functionality, such as business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing, all on top of the larger Office 365 […]