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What’s the ROI of owning a data center vs. managed cloud services?

Early adopters embraced the cloud as soon as they were able to do so, and now that the robustness and ROI of cloud services have been proven, more and more companies are joining the move to the cloud.

Some businesses are still hanging back.


Budget constraints

Embracing new technologies and changing behavior always comes with an initial cost.

Some companies are hesitant to believe that they need new technology when their old technology has served them well in the past. Therefore, they do not think they will get a positive ROI from migrating to the cloud.

However, this is not the case. Businesses that migrate to the cloud do not receive a “one size fits all” solution to their needs. Cloud providers tailor their services to fit a business’ specific goals and measurable outcomes.

Contrast that to owning a data center, which is much more expensive to maintain for high availability and requires on-premise staff to manage, nurture and care. An on-site data center usually has more space and more power than a company needs as it is built for peak demand. The management of a data center also requires frequent repairs, replacements, and of course upgrades–all of which are expenses that add on to the ongoing capital expenditures involved.

With cloud computing, such expenses are improbable, if not entirely nonexistent. Cloud computing is scalable–businesses pay a regular monthly fee and can flex quickly and easily only when they are ready to do so. There is no paying for the services you do not need and will not use.

Consult with a variety of cloud providers to learn how they will optimize the cloud to match all the goals of your own business–at a price that will ensure an appropriate ROI.

In migrating to the cloud, your company’s IT team will no longer have to spend its time managing the data center and getting paged at 3 am when a server goes down. Instead, you can leverage their skills to seize initiatives that will help the company grow.

How does cloud computing benefit “my” company?

This is the central question that any C-level executive will ask. All companies have their requirements and their unique business challenges and opportunities. So how will moving to the cloud align with those plans and meet the expectations that have been set? How will the transformation help your company accomplish its established goals?

Benefits of migrating to the cloud:

  • Provides a secure and highly available environment at a fraction of the cost
  • Enables companies to serve their customers better
  • Makes technology more efficient
  • Allows the adoption of the latest technologies easier
  • Makes necessary applications widely available 24×7

Security and regulatory concerns

One of the main reasons why most businesses are hesitant to adopt cloud computing is because of security concerns. However, cloud providers are extremely conscious of this and have many protocols in place to prevent such security breaches.

Cloud computing providers use the most sophisticated security protections available. Compared to an IT team at a data center, cloud IT security experts must stay up-to-date with the everchanging landscape and sophistication of cyberattacks as well as educate themselves continuously to remain one step ahead of potential hackers.

As cloud computing has grown, regulatory bodies have taken notice. The security provided by cloud computing providers and the certifications they possess must maintain compliance with and stringently abide by established regulations.

Partnering with an experienced cloud computing provider will ensure that regulations are met, and that your organization’s infrastructure security is monitored, managed, and protected twenty-four hours a day, every day.

OnX Canada provides every organization with a tailored cloud solution

Talk to OnX today to learn more about our cloud computing solutions and how we can help your business thrive in today’s progressive digital environment.

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