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Why “it depends” with storage

Helping clients succeed So, why does it seem that I’m not committed to educating my customers about these new technologies? Don’t I care about my clients’ issues the way that vendors do? After all, vendors aren’t shy about expressing passion and enthusiasm for their products by emphasizing all the features and benefits. Actually, I care […]

Benefits of storage consolidation

Spinning Media vs. Solid State Drives In order to address this issue, the size of disk drives has continued to grow for both spinning media and the newer solid state devices. Although spinning media is significantly slower than its solid state counterpart, it has grown to single drive capacities of 10 TB. At the same […]

The object of storage

The History of Object Storage Object storage was a redundant and scalable storage system that provided a generalized data container with an index and metadata layers for the objects. Objects stored in the system were accessed via the index, and information pertaining to these objects was contained in the metadata. Files of all types and sizes could be […]

Now where did I put that flash?

Why am I focusing on storage? Let’s take a brief look at what is happening in the typical data center: A 2.0 GHz CPU clock cycle is roughly 0.5 nanoseconds (ns) Memory latency ranges from 50 ns to 200 ns Average latency to a storage array is 5 milliseconds (ms) If we change the scale […]

The tall order for data storage

So what can these managers do to get a handle on the situation and create an environment that not only supports the issues of today but provides for future growth and requirements? OnX has developed a process for doing just this! It is a four stage process that can transform the storage environment from what […]