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In response to COVID-19 now is the time to build a Cyber Risk Program – Learn how

According to IDC (Source – Worldwide CISO Influence Survey 2018), business leaders and CISOs view information security as vital to competitiveness of products and services while protecting the interests of their customers. Areas an Enterprise Cyber Risk Program should cover When an organization promises to deliver the value of digital business to customers, it’s often […]

5 Top IT Manager Concerns Addressed by a Security Intelligence Appliance

So after completing your research, if you decide Splunk Enterprise Security is the right solution, then you must determine how to get Splunk up and running quickly with the limited time available from your IT staff? Enter the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance. OnX has developed the appliance in partnership with Splunk and Cisco to address […]

Closing the gap between investment and implementation of ITSM solutions

Most ITSM initiatives are doomed to failure before they ever get started. This is because they are launched as a typical IT project with a team of subject matter experts deemed necessary to get the job done. This may be a great approach for a technology project but not the best approach for an ITSM-based […]

What really is a cloud?

If you agree that D is the correct answer then you should also agree that there are many elements to defining a cloud strategy that should be considered before you buy any cloud management tools. No matter what method that you subscribe to for planning (an example – the PDCA Deming cycle) one of the […]