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5 Top IT Manager Concerns Addressed by a Security Intelligence Appliance

If you’re an IT security manager responsible for keeping your company’s data safe, then you understand the challenges of addressing the ever-increasing threats that put your company at risk. Maybe you have already implemented a security plan, or perhaps you’re researching the best approach to security given your company’s current requirements. My guess is if you’re in the research phase, then you may have read reviews and case studies on Splunk Enterprise Security. Splunk has gained significant marketshare lately among Enterprise organizations, with Gartner ranking Splunk highest among 14 competitors for Basic Security Monitoring, Advanced Threat Detection and Forensics and Incident Response in its August 2016 report, Critical Capabilities for Security Information and Event Management.

So after completing your research, if you decide Splunk Enterprise Security is the right solution, then you must determine how to get Splunk up and running quickly with the limited time available from your IT staff?

Enter the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance. OnX has developed the appliance in partnership with Splunk and Cisco to address the top concerns of IT security managers when trying to implement a security solution on their own:

  1. Were the right components ordered? The OnX Security Intelligence Appliance is pre-integrated and prebuilt, and is ordered using a single part number.
  2. Will the project lose momentum while waiting for hardware to be delivered and deployed? The OnX Integration Center team has over thirty years experience procuring, integrating, testing and deploying Enterprise solutions throughout North America. By engineering and testing the security appliance upfront, components are predefined and sourced quickly.
  3. Will mistakes in hardware and/or software configuration impact the success of the project and perception of the solution? The appliance has been tested and validated by Splunk, Cisco and OnX, ensuring accuracy of the configurations, virtually eliminating the mistakes that might occur when building a custom security solution.
  4. Will the right resources be available when needed to deploy the solution? The Security Intelligence Appliance contains everything you need for success including onsite installation, consulting services, and formal Splunk training credits to educate your staff, meaning deployment can take place in a matter of days instead of several months.
  5. Will the selected platform perform well? As a Splunk Elite Partner and Cisco Gold Partner, OnX has made investments in the talent and training to build our security team, and we have the experience to deliver consulting services, onsite installation, along with Splunk training credits for your staff, saving time and reducing the risk associated with initial deployment.

Along with Splunk Enterprise Security software, Cisco UCS hardware and Red Hat Operating System, the Security Intelligence Appliance includes the rack, servers, storage, networking and wiring in a complete engineered and tested package. The appliance gives everything you need to and is offered in two configurations:

  • 500 GB/day – Designed for the typical Enterprise Security deployment
  • 1.5 TB/day – Designed for larger environments that require more data sources

Now that’s a relief. With the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance in place, your IT team can focus its efforts on learning the ins and outs of Splunk software to identify and address threats proactively while continuing to support your company’s growth initiatives.

Feel free to reach out to us here at OnX should you have any questions about Splunk or implementing a security program that fits your business.