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Enhance developer experience by modernizing your legacy technology

What is DevEx?

Developer experience (DevEx or DX) is an evolving philosophy in application development. Essentially, DevEx aims to improve developer workflow throughout each phase of creating, revising, and deploying applications. Think of it as user experience (UX) for developers—in DevEx, developers are the users.

A recent Forrester study found that 75% of business leaders said DevEx is vital for business execution strategies. Similarly, McKinsey reported links between investing in developer experience and explosive growth. In contrast, organizations that have dysfunctional DevEx tend to have lackluster growth.

In this blog post, we will outline the core tenets of DevEx, spotlight potential missteps, and explore services that directly support developer experience programs.

The importance of DevEx

Developer velocity is a term that refers to how fast developers can bring a new product to market or release new iterations of a current product. McKinsey noted that companies at the peak 25% of developer velocity consistently outperform competitors by four to five times. Additionally, companies in the top quartile have 55% higher innovation scores than those in the bottom. These metrics translate to stronger earnings, better stock performances, and lower margins.

McKinsey found that there are four factors vital to growing better DevEx:

  • Tools Investing in top-tier tools boosts DevEx and developer velocity. When organizations grant developers the freedom to select their tools, it increases productivity and lets developers customize their workflows for maximum efficiency.
  • Culture Innovation thrives in a culture of psychological safety, in which developers feel safe to test new ideas and processes without fear of penalization for failed attempts.
  • Product management Streamlined workflow and transparent product management are positive pressures that keep development teams on time and within budget.
  • Talent Finding and keeping quality employees builds better DevEx and reinforces the above three categories.

Steps toward better developer experience

Essentially, DevEx is about managing the human component of application development. Good developer experience inspires innovation and continual improvement.

Steps to elevate DevEx:

  • Seek out and eliminate friction points in the process.
  • Only innovate when it is necessary. Create custom software and solutions that you intend to bring to market. Existing tools serve just fine for day-to-day coding.
  • Deploying reputable open-source code repositories, solutions, and templates can be a huge time saver.
  • Automating routine processes will free up more time to focus on core coding projects.
  • Utilizing no code/low code tools in non-developer positions can unburden developers from side projects in other departments.

Barriers to exceptional DevEx

Simply put, good developer experience generates better business outcomes. Likewise, bad DevEx causes a lack of company growth, stressful work conditions, and high developer turnover.

Legacy applications are a leading cause of friction in DevEx. Slowing architecture and systems drag down developers during each phase. Application modernization removes the enormous roadblocks developers face when working with and maintaining legacy tools.

Further DevEx pitfalls include:

  • Selecting tools for developers instead of letting them make their own choices.
  • Nonfunctioning or glitchy code.
  • Insufficient training documents and opportunities.
  • Punishing failure and restricting chances to innovate.
  • Forcing developers to work overtime and setting impractical deadlines.

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DevEx support services from OnX

OnX offers a suite of services that drastically improve developer experience, enabling your company to fully appreciate the advantages of quality DevEx.

  • Application modernization. Creating a cloud-based development environment by migrating dev tools to the Cloud (application modernization) boosts development velocity. It enables more resources to be devoted to innovating rather than maintaining legacy systems. Developers enjoy cutting-edge and secure development tools by moving development to the Cloud.
  • Consulting. OnX experts map out step-by-step guides to improving DevEx at your organization.
  • Automation. On average, developers only spend 30% of their time coding. Automation can significantly reduce manual processes and give developers time to focus on priority projects.
  • Managed services. Outsource repetitive and mundane tasks to open up even more time for developers.

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Why OnX?

Companies across sectors are awakening to the incredible importance of DevEx. Eliminating friction points from development workflows drives creativity and positive business outcomes.

OnX specializes in application modernization, process optimization, and accelerating operations. With over 30 years of experience, our team of software engineers, project management specialists, and IT consultants can guide your organization to fully optimized developer experience and speed up developer velocity.

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