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Capacity planning in the cloud

This becomes even more complex when you start building cloud platforms.  Typically, the first question to ask when sizing a new environment is “What are you running” along with “What are the performance and capacity requirements of your workloads”. This poses a great difficulty when you are building a shared cloud service, whether it is […]

Application delivery framework

The Anatomy of an Application An application can be a standalone entity that typically interacts only with the local OS and device (e.g., word processing application), or client-server based with the client part being an installed program or a standard program, such as a web browser. For the client-server based applications there are two separate […]

Crossing roles in the IT environments

In the distributed model datacenter, most of the single purpose servers are attached to the network with a small number of simple single segment connections (most often one), and either use local storage or are connected into the SAN fabric as simple consumers of storage. This is not to say that there are no complex […]