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OnX shows: Intel Optane SSDs more than double SDS cache performance

In a standard SDS node configuration, traditional HDDs are sufficient for the storage tier, while the caching tier consists of higher speed SSDs. This is fine for moderate workloads such as branch office applications and basic VDI deployments, but it’s less suited for high-demand environments. Accelerating the cache tier with Intel Optane SSDs Now, Intel […]

SSD is so 2013…

Three of the systems use a similar approach – this is the NV-DIMM sold by Cypress Semiconductor’s AGIGA, Viking Technology and Micron Technology. All three have created blends of DRAM and flash memory. Essentially they added flash memory as a backup to the DRAM on a DIMM. If the server loses power there is a […]

Location, location, location…

Another factor is the transformation of a work force that doesn’t need to be “in an office” to be productive.  With remote access getting easier and easier, the need for a desktop computer is becoming obsolete.  Without desktops, the question becomes whether or not the data center needs to be located in the office?  This […]