Splunk Elite Partner | OnX Enterprise Solutions

As a certified Splunk Elite Partner, OnX helps clients create insights out of data.

Splunk is incredibly flexible and scalable, but taking advantage of everything it can do can be a challenge. Our highly-trained experts can work with you to analyze your business and realize the full potential of your data.

Manage IT Operations & Security Threats

IT Operations Analytics

  • Monitor and report on IT infrastructure to identify today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s.
  • Find and solve service issues in minutes vs. hours.
  • Reduce operations costs by consolidating tools.
  • Improve productivity because fewer escalations save money.
  • Prevent outages before they cost you lost business.

Security Intelligence

Enable advanced threat detection, real-time correlations and alerts, security and risk reporting, incident investigation tools and forensic capabilities.

  • Monitor all relevant data for investigations and threat detection.
  • Lower costs through less manual work and faster threat eradication.
  • Decrease risk of lost revenue from data loss.
  • Enjoy improved ROI and departmental collaboration.