Dell EMC - OnX

OnX is a Titanium Partner with Dell EMC.

We have the deep expertise to understand your business – from the foundation up. And we’ll help modernize, automate, and transform your data center by leveraging the power of Dell EMC technology.

Most IT departments are viewed as a cost center rather than a resource. Leveraging Dell EMC technologies, OnX experts can work with companies to modernize their data center to align technology with goals and lower costs while delivering faster business outcomes.

Converged Infrastructure

Whether it’s hyperconverged or traditional-converged systems, the experts at OnX and Dell EMC can recommend and provide the infrastructure your company needs in order to build your digital future and transform IT. Simplified management, improved performance, and scalability are all within your reach.

Data Protection

Protecting your data is crucial regardless of where it lives or what you need to do with it. The rate at which that data is accumulated presents significant challenges to the demands of virtualization and cloud computing backup. One false move and the potential for disaster is real. Let the experts at OnX guide you through the options of data protection offered by Dell EMC so that you have the most efficient, cost-effective solution for data loss prevention and integrity – all in a simple, fully-assembled solution.