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Six reasons IT leaders choose UCaaS

Business leaders increasingly turn to the cloud to streamline operations, offload compute, storage, and security functions, and add agility to their network. Additionally, cloud-based productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, HubSpot, along with a plethora of SaaS apps give a more mobile, distributed workforce access to the tools they need at anytime, anywhere, on any device. This combination of data center and productivity functions hosted in the cloud is powerful but has placed a tremendous load on conventional networks, often at the expense of communications apps, resulting in issues like poor VoIP call quality or video conference lag.

Similar to the stacks of equipment still running specific functions in corporate data centers, on-premise Unified Communications (UC) systems have been widely adopted for collaboration across an organization. These systems provide tremendous advantages like presence information, advanced call forwarding, contact center, and even CRM integration, making it easy for employees to do their jobs.

On-site UC does not come without challenges, especially in today’s cloud-driven world. Investing in UC equipment, software, and support staff can be expensive and stretch IT budget resources. And with continual maintenance and updates added in, along with budgeting for hardware obsolescence, the cost of on-site UC increases over time. Disaster recovery for companies with on-premise UC solutions requires dual systems with separate connections to different networks to avoid being down. If the main system goes down, switching over to the other system or routing calls would require a manual effort. However, in a Hosted UC environment, that situation is prevented with automatic fail over to another location, saving time and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Migrating functions to the cloud involves a switch from a CapEx to an OpEx model, meaning your company pays a predictable monthly fee for the resources it needs and hands the responsibility of regular updates and maintenance to the cloud provider, relieving the burden of managing your infrastructure from your IT staff. OnX Canada Hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) centralizes all of your collaboration tools on a managed cloud platform, significantly improving the effectiveness of video conferencing, VoIP, messaging, other UC tools, and your IT personnel. Our highly certified experts manage, monitor, and maintain your UCaaS solution 24x7x365 so your teams can focus on future-forward initiatives.

So when is the right time to make the switch to a Hosted UC solution? When do you know your company is ready for UCaaS?

Here are the six most common reasons IT teams make the switch:

  1. Focus on the company’s business initiatives
    Implementing, managing, and maintaining an on-premise UC system places significant demands on IT personnel. UC issues can shift the focus of your most talented individuals for hours, days, or weeks on end, distracting them from better and more productive uses of their time–to make your company as efficient and profitable as possible.

    UCaaS providers take that burden off your IT staff and address daily UC items and issues required to keep users productive and happy.

  2. Grant access anywhere in the world
    By moving communications and collaboration applications to the cloud, your organization can do business worldwide with anyone who has access to the Internet. UCaaS ensures your employees can connect with one another and to partners and clients no matter their location. If an employee, for instance, is working on a project and needs specific expertise of an engineer located in India, UCaaS provides instant access to the collaboration tools to get the job done. Moreover, UCaaS is a critical component for increasing productivity and flexibility across disperse organizations.
  3. Create universal experiences
    A well-designed UCaaS platform creates universal experiences across all devices, providing users with intuitive interfaces with a standard look and feel. Not only does the standard interface reduce training time for new employees, but it also ensures consistent functioning of collaboration tools among users as people transition between devices during the workday. UCaaS provides the speed and agility for meaningful, productive interactions for better customer service and smart collaboration between employees and partners.
  4. Provide advantages of the latest technology
    With on-premise UC, IT personnel are required to manage all application and firmware updates, as well as maintain and repair hardware as needed. As technology ages and nears obsolescence, IT staff must find the budget for replacement products and schedule time to integrate the equipment into the environment. If a company lacks the funding, time, or expert personnel to perform the upgrade, users are forced to muddle through with technology that has aged beyond its expiration date.

    OnX, on the other hand, continually manages, maintains, and updates technology, ensuring all hardware and software stays current, patched, secure, and always available for our clients.

  5. Mitigate security risks
    Traditionally, IT personnel were often reluctant to place technologies outside of their company’s data centers, but as cybercrime has become more ubiquitous and sophisticated, companies don’t always have the expertise needed to thwart attacks. System security is an integral part of OnX UCaaS because, as trusted cloud providers, we provide in-house expertise to ensure the best security tools are deployed, monitored, and continually updated. It’s our business.
  6. Expand business opportunities
    A standard feature of on-premise UC is that it gives all employees in your organization access to collaboration tools on PCs to tablets, smartphones, and VoIP headsets. But not every organization adopts all the tools available from a vendor, because of budgets or expertise to implement, there are limiting factors in most cases. Most organizations forget about their suppliers, vendors, marketing agencies, and other partners. Wouldn’t your company benefit by connecting its employees and third-party individuals helping to drive business?

With a cloud-based UCaaS solution, companies can give partners access to the same technologies they use internally, ensuring your collaboration platform can communicate with partner platforms and specific apps.

Choosing OnX as your UCaaS provider

OnX delivers supreme collaboration solutions with our comprehensive suite of Unified Communications technologies. Our experts have decades of communications and data center technology experience and the expertise to custom-tailor a UCaaS solution that aligns with your business goals.

Contact us today to begin your UC transformation.